Marketing & match ticketing policy


We really are so inconsistent in the ticket office, I’ve had 5 star service as well as having the kind of service that leaves you in disbelief. They’ll never change under this regime. Too reliant on a few decent people and not a whole club ethos.


Must say I’ve never had any issues with the actual staff in the ticket office. And I normally rock up on the day.


Nor me, they do a good job. I have experienced issues getting through but that is not the fault of the office staff.The issues lie further up the organisation.


Same here. Never had any major issues with the ticket office staff. The problems tend to emanate from their systems orfrom dictats from above which are out of their pay grade!


It wouldn’t surprise me if the ticket office staff are overloaded with other duties in the name of penny pinching!


My issues were always with the morons in the club shop. Haven’t been in there for years so it’s probably different now. Ticket office always good for me.


Several times I have paid for postage and when I phone up to ask why it hasn’t arrived the person in the phone states ‘Oh we’ve put it in collections instead’.


It seems to me, that the ticket office is run for the benefit of the staff in the ticket office,and not the fans/customers.


Just glancing at this, it seems to me that simplifying the ticket pricing wouldn’t just benefit the fans.


Good point…I have not had a problem with the Ticket Office staff. They have always been polite and helpful. The problem lies with those who decide policy.


It’s a few years ago now but I once phoned the ticket office. The person that answered called over to the ticket office person, who was busy. I heard her ask “Is it for football tickets or a corporate event?” When she was told it was for football she said “Ask them to call back”. I presume if my call had been for a sportsman’s evening the reply would’ve been that they would call me back.


I like all the ticket office staff, I find them mostly friendly.

The problem lies with the management up above, they are useless and clueless


Oh its still the same mate:rofl:


Unrelated to the ticket thing but are they planning on stocking up on kits anytime soon? been after a baby kit for almost 2 months now still nothing in stock seems ridiculous to me.


I understand that there is a batch of new shirts with Martin’s name on the back, due in next week.


Same here. The ticket office staff themselves are really friendly. I just don’t think they’re fed all of the information they should be which is a shame as to a lot of people it’ll make it look like they’re ■■■■ at their job which is not the case at all.


On another issue we must be a Category A game at Burton!!! Its going to cost me £20 to sit down and I am well over 65. My daughters ticket will be £22 . Pay on the day and it is £2 more!!! Puts our prices into perspective although I agree that we must do much more for young, unaccompanied youngsters.


I refer to my post in the topic of theincentive for the Bradford game - home clubs fleece visiting supporters - I think it’s the law :thinking:


Pretty much the standard price at majority of league ones I’m afraid WO…Peterborough was a similar price for a wooden seat.

Coventry is actually 15 quid for over 60s if you fancy that instead for a local away day…


Think there should be a change to ticketing for larger families. If a couple goes to the game with 4 kids it’s currently costs £66 quid in the family stand + food , drinks etc . and it’s a fair bit more if you pay on the day or it’s a category A game. Maybe they should scrap the more if you pay on the the day and cat A rubbish . And just say any family with 3or 4 children can come and watch for a set let’s say £40 entrance fee . This could only be for the good of the future of the club. I know there are incentives like the free season tickets 69 pound upfront and swifty club etc . But new supporters are not going to lay out money up front . We need to entice them to come to some games in the first place. Or even better young kids up to 12 go free with 2 paying adults.