Marketing & match ticketing policy




They don’t have the desire to bring in family groups. If they did they would advertise the initiatives that are available where/whenever they could. They have numerous staff and access to multiple social media sites ans could easily set up and share a media campaign for whatever they wish. They just don’t want to .


And also so what if people took the ■■■■ and brought 4 or 5 kids with them 2 or 3 not being there own . Those kids will have families of there own 1 day . #buildafanbase


Agree. They have no real understanding of what family life for ordinary supporters is. Times have changed but we’re (the club) not moving with them.


They are friendly until you ask a question that they think is slightly out of the ordinary. Then you get the arseyness and attitude.


Get in as many kids into the ground as we can as cheap as we can… they will always spend money at the kiosks and club shop any how.

Also not every child has a parent/Guardian who wants to go to the match… so make it that a child doesn’t have to accompanied with a paying adult to get in cheaper… Or some kids just like to go with their mates to match.


Building upon the Notts County £2 thing mentioned above and the moderately successful £5 offer yesterday, I think the club should absolutely go for it against Southend.

Try to fill the place. Not just one stand but all three Home stands. Either £1 or £2 for everyone. Regardless of age or whereabouts in the ground. First come first serve. And if you get your ticket before 4th April you go into a raffle along with existing season ticket holders for a pair of free season tickets next year.

Be brilliant to get 10,000 in there.


Can’t see them doing that but another £5 offer for the homesrve stand would be good .


This will be transmuted into 2 pounds off for one part of the ground and an overpriced raffle for two lucky winners to meet swifty in the lower bogs, cos “what more can we do?”


Hmmm, where have all of our fans gone? It seems a lot have dropped off very suddenly. Under Whitney we were getting 4600 in the home ends fairly regularly but now not even a £5 offer on a Saturday afternoon can attract substantially more?

Have people finally had enough of the Bonser regime like myself and my famalam, has the football put people off, has the rubbish facilities at high prices rubbed people up the wrong way…?

I am starting to think an even greater gesture such as the Notts County offer is the only thing that will really pull some fans back.


Yep people have finally had enough of JB but frankly not all have the determination to stay away and have returned (I’m not judging them by the way) so attendances will no doubt fluctuate based on form and or any incentives offered etc…


It is a mixture of all of those.

The place has become bloody miserable. I think the state of the team sets the tone and then magnifies everything else. The world seems a bit sunnier when the team is doing ok. But when the team is rubbish you notice the bins, the building debris and muck when you walk through the turnstile, you notice the bird ■■■■ all over the hand rails on the stairs, you notice the catering staff would prefer to be anywhere else, you notice how quiet the place is and you notice all the empty seats. Then we lose against Rochdale or Scunthorpe or Wimbledon and you notice that nobody seems that arsed because everyone seems worn down by the effort of just being there, of putting up with being there because it is what we do.

Essentially when we win the Stadium doesn’t enhance the experience but when we lose, my word it doesn’t half exacerbate the gloom, doom and misery. And we’ve been doing a hell of a lot of losing down there recently. To the point where I think we all have a doubt that even if they flung the gates open and made it free whether we would fill it. It’s certainly not the certainty it should be.


Maybe the penny has dropped now . And the club are finally trying to do something about all the above. My only fear is it could all be to little to late .


The club usually does something this time of year, when the writing is on the early bird wall and the team is struggling.

Another spot on post from PT. The whole experience of match day at the Bescot is miserable, from the walk up, to the catering, the club shop, toilets, atmosphere and everything. Combine that with awful performances and the 8 grand a week the owner pays himself, really is no wonder we are losing fans by the bucket load.


A mild bug-bear compared to everything else, but the ambiguity of ticketing arrangements for Away games is annoying.

I think the club get a small booking-fee for flogging away tickets. My guess is that this then drives the really ambiguous silence on pay on the day arrangements. The usual spiel goes something like:-

we have received an initial allocation of 524 tickets for our trip to x with more being available if required

That’s interesting and good to know but what would be even better would be an indicator of how many the total allocation could rise to and whether any remaining spaces will be available on the day in the usually completely likely event we won’t sell out our whole end.

At Sunderland for example I think the away allocation could be as high as 3,200. We have received about 400 by way of an initial allocation with more to come if we sell those 400. We won’t sell 3,200. We’ll be lucky to sell a quarter of that many. So why not just let us know if paying on the day will be an option.

At Bolton, a place with a similar size away end it was left until the day before to tell us we could pay on the day with many of our supporters having already gone to the personal inconvenience of getting to Bescot to buy tickets.

I can’t believe the booking fee we receive is worth putting folk through this. Just communicate openly, honestly and transparently. It goes a long way.


Just been reading the minutes from the meeting Rob had with club. I notice there’s an asterisk saying club will only ditch Cat A/B prices if big club dosen’t drop into league 1 (say Stoke barely winning another game and dropping).

Originally thought that was put in as a joke but categorization should be scrapped regardless of who is or isn’t in league one. 20 quid entry is more than enough.


I think it’s more to do with if there are a number of big clubs rather than just one.

For example, they’re aware Sunderland may still be here next season but it won’t be categorised.


What a complete load of old ■■■■ (not your comment Rob). The fact that they are playing in L1 means that they are a L1 club. They may have been a billy big ■■■■■■■■ in the past but now are ■■■■ like the rest of us, so to ask US to pay more to watch teams we couldn’t give a shiny ■■■■ about is pathetic. It’s all just a ruse to screw supporters of clubs with large away followings which, as a result, impacts on our fans.


I’ve just bought a ticket (for only the 2nd time this season) for the Fleetwood game,it’s in the Homeserve stand right at the back,it only cost £16,that’s good value in my book.


Yep that sums it up

I’ve just read SGs article in the E&S ref falling attendances - that man is complete and utter arrogant moron…

Reductions of £6 and 7 off 250/300 quid ST is a joke

I received and email from Birmingham bears (I know I know, cricket and footy are …) but it’s the approach to early bird strategy that struck me (which in essence is a pure marketing strategy so forget footy and cricket being different for a minute if you can… The reduction for buying now is 26%!

Doesn’t take a lot Stef to see how to motivate folk to part with their money…