Marketing & match ticketing policy


The club have next to no ambition, so lowering ticket prices would have very little impact on attendances.

As someone else said, the club are happy with the price point… and this is precisely right. The club have calculated a price at which the attendances wont suffer too much.

In a general sense, the club are in desperate need of fresh impetus from the top. Keates has brought some pride back but we’re so far off the financial pace in this league, anything in the top 10 is a great achievement.


So if I roll up to the St Andrews ticket office for their next home game at half an hour kick off and get told I need a match pass which they will post to my home address then I’ll be sure to come again?


@saddla christ almighty, just READ this from PT below. Take it in.

Regardless of their registration policy they are charging much less for a much better product and experience just down the road from us. You hardly have to be marketing expert to see the issues. :joy:


This issue is my biggest gripe with the club. The club are definitely happy with the price point and will point to the free season ticket for U18s whenever anyone mentions prices or accessibility for juniors. The ‘Free Football’ thing sounds all well and good but there’s only 50 (? - going from fans forum comments and from memory) of these and it doesn’t really cater for the floating fan because you need to think well in advance and get your passport photograph sorted, pay £46 up-front etc etc.

At the Burton game, the family stand will be full of kids with free school tickets but will there be anything done to try and tempt them back? More likely the kiosk queues will be three times as long and the burgers and pies will have sold out in record time. All creating a terrible match day experience. It’s not even difficult marketing. Make it enjoyable. Kick some footballs into the stand for the kids to keep. Make it memorable. And fill that stand every week with kids and their families, even if its for £2 a game and pay on the day. I’m a ST Holder and I won’t care a jot about them paying less per game than I do.

Our match day prices could be cheaper but the whole experience needs work; starting with how difficult it is to get a ticket for a one-off game when you suddenly decide at 11am that you fancy going along.

The same issues could be said about the Stadium Suite and the food kiosks. With hardly any effort, the club could easily squeeze another £5 out of every single fan, every single week.

It’s frustrating because its so easily solved.


I have emailed a link of this discussion to club Secretary Dan Mole for his consideration. Beggars belief the club aren’t actively searching for a solution to the frankly dismal match day attendance and experience. It’s actually embarrassing watching the highlights with all the empty seats. It wasn’t once suggested that the club should move the gantry and the cameras to the opposite side to portray a better public image of the club (a fairly full stand behind the dugouts) - clubs response? It would cost too much.


I think the Club did very well to introduce “free” football and got a lot of good publicity from doing it and for the regular fans it is great as are the ‘early bird’ prices for us all. However this thread has brought up some really good points and if you are not a regular you are clearly paying too much as a youngster. I hope you get a response from Dan.


Thank you for your email.

I have directed this to our Ticket office Manager and Marketing Manager, copied in, who can collate the data and conduct market research before presenting their findings to the Board.

Having read through the thread, I am a little confused. An adult and junior combination ticket is just £2 more than just an adult ticket and an unaccompanied junior (under 18) is £15.50-£18.50. All under 12’s come free on matchday with a full paying adult too, so between 0-12 its free and between 13-18, with an adult, it’s £2?

I’m confused by some of the prices quoted so if those supporters wish to email Dan and Laura, we can then either dispel any misunderstanding or look at the concerns raised.


This is the problem with Walsall FC. Everything is just so confused and muddled. Like a poster has mentioned it needs a good, solid shake up.

I’ve just looked at the eticketing website and none of these offers appear anywhere. Is a junior under 18 or under 16? The lad is 18 and there are no concessions available? A floating fan is not going to go through all this nonsense to attend one game. These days people like to go online, book a ticket and get admission. Simple. These offers are not there…and if they are they are obviously too hard to find or work out.

You get a discount when you come with your Nan, an extra 10% off if your second cousin comes. Just make it £10 entry for 13 - 18’s ffs! It doesn’t have to be this way. Do all 13 -18 year olds really want to attend with an adult? I didn’t!


I’m not a floating fan, Walsall through and through. But even I consider whether I go to games these days, for two reasons:

  1. The atmosphere
  2. The expense & hassle of ticketing

As I take my two daughters, my Mrs & my dad, it can cost a fortune.

Living in Wiltshire a ST is not an option. Club make it so hard to go and support them. This combined with poor catering facilities etc… and the awful atmosphere, make it a poor experience.

I’d make kids under 5 free, under 12 a fiver, under 18 a tenner when purchased with an adult ticket, anywhere in the ground (except for 2 blocks behind dugouts).

Have an under 21 ticket at £12 bought solo, not with adult ticket.

Then have one simple adult price for each stand & have two cash turnstiles available.

Chuck in 10% off for tickets bought in advance to 2 or more games.



0-12 is free? It gets worse. They’ve been charging me £2 every time for my ten year old.


You are spot on. I have been on the website to look at the match day prices. They are confusing and it needs sorting. As an “early birder” I had always assumed that youngsters who accompanied an adult only paid £2 and I assumed this was 0-18 . Cannot work out whether that is right or not!! Keep on putting your points to the club. Lets hope it can be sorted for next year. To avoid all these complications I would suggest that Children 5 and under are free and those between5-18 are a fiver on top of the adult price. Simple as that.


That`s the idea Paulus.
Never under estimate the Bonser cunning to addle and confuse in his relentless pursuit of extracting every possible shekel out of Walsall FC.


Its nuts isn’t it? Whats the point of having offers and then a website that doesn’t support purchasing them or advertising them at all! If you go to the Birmingham City online shop they have a chart in place and it’s as clear as day. It also shows you how to go about obtaining the deals.

I really don’t understand some fans attitude on topics like this. Okay, so you and your family are fine that’s great. Obviously you enjoy sitting in a stadium with your feet up on the seat in front and each arm spread out on the seats next to you! These are issues that stop our fanbase growing, so let those that want to improve it proactively discuss. I don’t find anything slightly amusing about losing fans to local rivals based on prices when they are in a Division higher than us!


The club response actually makes it worse. I think the strap line is that we understand teenagers so well that we will make it cheap for them if they bring their mum or dad. Or any “grown up” who is prepared to pay top whack.

I think the issue here is a complete misunderstanding or confusion of what being a 15 year old and going the match with your mates is/should be about.


Just to be clear, you’re also doing away with arbitrary nonsense that is Category A and Category B games?


Completely out of touch. Anyone would think we were Chinese owned, not Birmingham!

Again this comes down to the market Walsall FC aim the product at. The fact the website doesn’t support or display any of the concessionary offers is just another ridiculous side issue.

The bottom line is we are unfortunately one of the worst supported Division 3 clubs. We don’t need ticket structures, structured group offers and multi-category games. We don’t need to be all ticket on matchday, making everyone queue up until after kick off only to be surrounded by thousands of empty seats!

Make it straight forward and designed with the focus on the interests of your customers, while also making any visitors stay a positive one.

It’s not hard at Walsall FC, but they make it that way - thats why only 3600 (and going down) turn up on a Saturday afternoon.


I was agreeing with you!! I would also get rid of these different categories. I started watching Walsall with my mates when I was 13. My dad couldn’t take me as he was ill and we never went to a match together as he died when I was 18. Looks like would never have been a fan if the current policies had been in operation…think of the money, anguish I would have been spared !!!


I’ve said on here before about trying to generate a better atmosphere at the game’s i.e safe standing , flag waving , singing supporter’s getting seat’s in and around the same area to try and generate some atmosphere and want to encourage new people to want to come and watch and support our team .
Price’s the club charge are not helping to get support through the turnstile’s and are not doing anything to encourage more bum’s on seat’s .
I had a phone call many year’s ago asking me why i would not be renewing my season ticket which back then cost more money than watching the Vile play in the premiership .
I made a suggestion for the young lady to give my response to the director’s about reducing the cost by a considerable amount to increase people through the gate’s who would a) want to come back as it was cheap b) spend money on drink’s , food ( if any was left ) program’s etc , may even venture in the club shop and spend a few quid c) get a team performing because they had a noisy full stadium rather than a quarter full library sort of atmosphere that everyone , supporter’s included felt uncomfortable in .
How i want our club to be well supported and having a great atmosphere with none stop singing instead of being an embarrassment . is there nobody out there that’s want’s to buy our club and turn it into a successful ambitious venture because i’m truly getting embarrassed with the way it is :disappointed:


They are right that we are generally cheaper than our neighbours when it comes to pricing for 1 adult and 1 junior. The problem is we don’t spell this out very well with our confusing pricing…I think juniors are 16 and under? It doesn’t actually say this online. You can also only get this ticket deal in one part of the ground as far as I can see?

1 adult, 1 junior
Walsall - £24
Blues - £20, £25, £35
Albion - £25, £28, £30, £33
Villa - £25, £35, £40

The big problem for us comes when you are not going with an adult and aged 13-23. Blues, Albion and Villa all offer a ‘bridge’ gap between kids tickets and the full whack, we don’t.

So for instance, if you are 18, you pay £18.50/£22.00/£22.50 (Cat B) at Walsall or you could go to Blues (£10/£15/£20 based on Cat C), Albion (£15 anywhere in the ground) or Villa (£10/£15/£17). Those are our prices in advance too, so add on another £2 if you want to walk up.

You can’t really blame a floating fan or a group of young lads who fancy a game choosing another option really in this case can you? We are alienating every 13-23 year old in the region who isn’t forced into Walsall by their parents.


What a post that is! If Dan Mole, the ‘marketing manager’ and ‘ticket office manager’ were to read and digest any post on this thread it should be this one. In a nutshell that is everything wrong with the pricing. What an absolute disgrace that structure is - it’s not as if it is difficult information to research; the exact group we should be offering incentives to is completely missed out. I would have been horrified attending the football with my family at the age of 15…football was my escape!

And then of course there is the issue of none of these ticket incentives they do actually offer being on the ticket site! Do they have any idea how ■■■■ they are? :roll_eyes: This is not even taking into consideration the dead atmosphere and match day ‘experience’.

Sorry @WalsallOne my mini rant was in no way aimed at you btw.