Marketing & match ticketing policy


don’t forget there is already a regular meeting between the club and fans representatives…the Trust goes to the meetings and the minutes are published. Perhaps if the Trust representatives have seen this thread they can press home the key points at the next meeting.


If the club are serious about this I think it will take more than a twice* a season meeting with various other issues on the agenda.

  • not actually sure how often they meet


It appears to be about 4 times a year from the minutes I have read.


" Perhaps if the Trust representatives have seen this thread "

… can’t we make sure they do ?


I paid my £2 to join the trust for the first time this season and I’m not really sure what it achieved. Despite giving my email address I haven’t had any communication about what they do or when meetings are.


Problem is we have a chairman/owner that basically holds all the power of decision making, and yet doesn’t even attend the club’s AGM! So instigating meetings, whilst well intentioned and interesting is unlikely to have much practical impact on the areas where the club suffers from terminal inertia. Folks that have had meetings with JB, such as the one last season comment on his apparent passion for the club. The way I read this is that JB basically considers Walsall FC to be successful if they turn a small profit, whilst comfortably bobbing along in league one with somewhere around 3,500 - 4000 supporters (oh and of course the rent paid!). He gets very “passionate” about the fact that the club is in better shape now than in the early 90’s, and have had some successful years under his tenure - and more passionate still when discontented fans have the temerity to organise protests.

Problem is you can literally trawl the archives of this forum going back 10, 15, 18 years and see the same topics discussed then as now. In those 15 years of “discussion” not a lot has happened regarding the issues, but JB’s pension fund has increased by circa £7m. So why should he radically change anything? From his standpoint pretty much everythings going brilliantly, If you suggest otherwise there’s always the Luton, Bournemouth, and Rotherham of the day to point fingers at. I mean you couldn’t mention them now as Luton are above us in the league, Bournemouth an established Premiership club, Rotherham having told their greedy landlord/chairman to keep his ground, now in the Championship. All getting two and three times the crowds we do. This era it would probably be Chesterfield (who got 1300 more at their game Saturday gone), Orient (who have averaged circa 6,000 for their last 4 home games), and maybe Stockport who he could poke a finger at and tell us to go and support. The latter having a hard core attendance not far off ours in mid-table Conference North.

As for The Trust. The reason that any football club Trust exists is to gain fans representation at board level, with the aim (as far as my understanding goes) of having a practical role in safeguarding the future of the club, whilst maintaining an independent democratic structure.

I would be amazed if that ever happened with JB at the helm, and that is not in any way a criticism of The Trust by the way.


Absolutely spot on.


great post @geordiesaddler :wink:


Because nothing ruins a football match quite like some singing and a bit of an atmosphere, does it?


…what’s he think they do while the game’s being played have 40 wink’s FFS


The Trust have worked hard over the past couple of years to build regular communication between the club and supporters, and now hold monthly meetings with Stefan Gamble, Daniel Mole etc.

They also call for supporters to suggest issues for them to take to each monthly meeting (through Twitter etc) so there’s no reason why we couldn’t have a constructive thread on UTS that we could submit to the Trust, should they wish to take key points forward.

From what I’m aware there are a one or two club officials that have a UTS account and may pick up on threads such as this, but sending them to the Trust is the most logical way of assuring views are put forward.

UTS is a decent sounding board, but the Trust remains the only real mouthpiece supporters have.



They worry less about ruining someones match day experience when they’re moving scores of people out of their regular family stand seats to accommodate more away supporters (like Sunderland this season).

It’s an absolute joke. They make an effort when it financially suits.


Forgive me I can’t remember exactly how much rent we pay for our own ground, but I think it’s £440k or the like.
That’s the equivalent of 22,000 tickets at £20 or 956 free tickets per home game, for say anyone under 18.

What this thread proves is, how complicated our ticket pricing is, how poor our marketing/CRM is and how poor the atmosphere & facilities all are.

As my 11yo daughter said at the last game I took her too the food and toilets are nicer at a soft play centre.


Superb post


Couldn’t agree more. As you say, as soon as a Leeds, Sunderland, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday etc roll into town then it’s acceptable for the club to move hundreds of supporters from their regular seats and create a potential flashpoint for trouble inside and outside the stadium.

Both of these issues have been used by the club in the past as reasons for not pursuing ideas to improve the atmosphere at the stadium, as usual though when the prospect of a few extra £ comes onto the horizon then the ‘philosophy’ goes out the window…


I completely agree, why so confusing? Our pricing structure definitely needs to be simplified.

We have more ticket options than supporters! :joy:


The trust do work hard granted , but realistically over the past 12 months have any of the pressing questions posed to the club actually been answered?

For me no, there is always an excuse why answers can’t be given. Mole and Gamble both come across as pathetic.


The one familiar and infuriating get-out is ‘that’s a question we’d have to pass on to the chairman himself’…


90 % then


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