Marketing & match ticketing policy


Mole has said all this information should be passed on to the Trust. I will email them a link but are any of the committee members of the forum do we know?


Jeff Bonser post on here regularly, as el_nombre I think…:smiley:


Trust email address:


Not the amount of grief I give him …


I have made contact with Steve Davies, Secretary of the Supporters Trust and received the following message:

Wow theres a lot to take in there. We have a meeting on monday and i will certainly raise the matchday pricing structure and ask if there is anytbing that can be done.
I must confess as an early bird st holder its not something i have thought too much about but maybe its time to ask the questions about restructuring our pricing on matchday.
I dont post on uts but can someone highlight their main grievances and i will put them on the table monday.
Up to my neck at work

Is this something somebody would be able to do? I.e collate and condense main points into a word document to be presented at the meeting on Monday?

If nobody else can do it I will try, although I am currently doing a rather intense Masters degree.


There is a lot to take in on this thread but some very illuminating pieces of info in amongst this

If I was the CEO I would want to review “good practice” across other clubs on a raft of issues in addition to ticketing prices and walk up / booking / paying experiences. There is a lot we could do better and no harm in researching which clubs are doing it well and taking on board our own suggestions: merchandising, kiosks :grinning: and the refreshments saga, attracting youngsters and building community links, building the core fan base, atmosphere and so on.

We may do some of this from time to time but I’d like to see the club be open to reviewing all these issues from a fundamental starting point of “what can we do better?”, “what do our fans think and what ideas do they have?” And “which clubs can we learn from?” (Doesn’t have to be football clubs).

I’d help with that.


Thanks for doing this @Calculator, I’m happy to compile the key parts of these threads and send on to Steve if we can establish a structured monthly thread.


Marvellous thanks @simon


Pretty sure Oxford only got 8k on Saturday as it was their 125th Birthday so probably some special offers. Other games it’s been around 6k mark.

Anyway I first saw this thread pop up on Sunday, was going to read it and forgot. Have read it now and I think that there’s over 100 replies in 72 hours (probably most active thread other than Bonser and Whitney ones in last year on this forum!) indicates the club are way off getting this right.

Walk up prices should be nowhere near 20-25 quid but then again it’s easy to say that rather than actually having to run the club. An under 18 ticket just shy of £20 is very wrong though.

Then as PT continually and correctly points is the actual queueing on matchday. Turn up at 2.40 and it’s very likely you miss kick off. Bad luck if it’s raining aswell.

Only thing I can say Funk is if you can get yourself along to the next fans board meeting (the team are in good form so I assume one is just around the corner!). Raise the issue directly with Mole and Gamble and given the level on this thread, I’m sure others in the room will pipe up and agree with your concerns.

Would give the club something to think about at least rather than just a speculative email.


The next fans focus meeting will probably in January. I attend most and if there I would willingly raise this issue.


Well hopefully Funk will be there but if not yeah it would be good. Important to actually quote an example of a local team higher up in the football pyramid offering cheaper tickets particularly in the under 18 range rather than just specifically asking if our prices are too high as Mole and Gamble will probably bat that away by saying it’s cheaper than Coventry or another club at this level.

Generally 20 + quid is the norm for away games in this league so the club are within their rights to state that as I can’t remember the last time I paid less than that for away games I’ve been to in last few years. The under 18 issue will require a little more creative thinking.


Club announce a friend for a fiver initiative for the Charlton game, how timely…


greedy bonser comes to mind


I work with someone who used to work in the club’s marketing department who reckons that everyone is well aware of the issues that need tackling - but the man at the top isn’t interested


It’s a difficult one to strike the right balance but a great debate and definitely constructive communication with the club should take place rather than just attcking them all the time.

All very well saying that prices should be lower but can you guarantee the attendances would increase and remain at that increased level. This is why the club doesn’t do it they can’t afford to take the gamble. Championship clubs can because of their revenue streams through TV, merchandise etc so can afford to subsidise tickets.

Using the Northampton game is not a great example. The attendance for this game would have been higher as there was a lot riding on the outcome.

Those saying that their friends would come if prices were lower, would they really though?? The bring a friend for £5 games doesn’t really add a lot onto the gate.

Maybe do something with season tickets. If so many are purchased then the price is much lower. Think other clubs have tried this, not sure how successful it was.

Possibly even mini season tickets of 5 or 6 games of your choice at a discounted rate. You would probably have to choose you games in advance for logistal reasons.


I agree that just reducing ticket prices on its own probably wouldn’t have much of an impact. That’s why the club need to look at this with a number of different issues in mind.

Matchday experience


Ticket prices

Finding a way to improve the atmosphere should in turn enhance the matchday experience, but for that to happen the club need to get creative with a restructuring of their ticket pricing policy.

It’s not easy and would require a lot of work. Unfortunately though, if the man at the top doesn’t want it to happen then it quite simply won’t…


Unfortunately the last sentence basically sums it up!, If things don’t change they will probably stay the same!!! Never was there a statement that typifies the boards ignorance of the fans!,


You’re right and I don’t think any of us want to attack the club. We want to help it.

I worry a little about the response above from the Trust I.e “ I’m a Season ticket holder so hadn’t really thought about this”. I thought the Trust was there to represent all of us and be that critical friend of the club itself. As the club seem to be encouraging all of us to channel stuff like this via the trust, maybe more of us need to become a bit more active.

To my mind all of this boils down to two really clear workstreams.

  • How do we get more folk to invest in a season ticket? What are the pros and cons of being a season ticket holder at Walsall for different demographs and how do we mitigate the cons and build more pros?

  • How do we attract more pay on the day customers? What do we do/could we do to entice more people to make a reactive decision to go to watch Walsall FC. What currently makes that thought process lead to a perception that an afternoon at the Bescot is a good choice and what might currently be putting people off? Again - some different thoughts by demographic probably work. This thread started through the eyes of an 18 year old. Why would an 18 year old fancy coming to Walsall and what might put them off?

There are loads of answers to the second one in this thread. I hope they get taken on board.


One thing I find annoying, not just with Walsall, but nearly every other club as well, is the fact that I have to pay £2 to £3 more if I decide to turn up on the day, rather than buy a ticket in advance. I live 100 miles away and make about 15-16 games a season home and away. Sometimes, due to circumstances, I don’t know until the day of the match whether or not I will be able to go and so am penalised when I do. Worst case was Orient away a few seasons ago when the price for my then under 18 son increased from £5 to £11 for pay on the day. How can that be justified when adult increase was only £2 in comparison.


Interesting you mention the railway - I too have heard that the town council put blockers on the line, and hence the “main” line north ending up veering to the West via Wolverhampton, instead of the more natural path north to Manchester via the Tame valley, Cannock Chase and then the trent valley.

Some great points on this thread, but I’ll just say that you’ve got to remember that our owner is now quite old, we’re not sure how active he is in the day to day running of the club anymore, nor what his intentions are going forward.

The club is desperately in need of fresh impetus - I’ve been saying for years that we are standing still, whilst everyone around us moves forward, and ultimately that will catch up with us.

Our ground is nigh on 30 years old and already it’s neither attractive as a structure, flexible as a venue, enjoyable to watch football in, nor does it offer what is now standard facilities for the football league. I think that’s testament to the cost cutting and lack of vision around the the club back in 88/89. It does have to be said however, that we were a victim of timing as much as we were a victim of unscrupulous owners - we built our ground at a nadir of ground design. 5 years later, grounds were far more advanced and built with fans (and the Taylor report) in mind, 10 years later and we were seeing the likes of the Kassam Stadium and Stadium of Light-type grounds being developed, which offered far greater comforts for average fans.

Regarding ticket prices - the club don’t want the expense or trouble of attracting new fans, just like the club dont really want promotion - imagine the phone ringing twice as much, the horror. They know that the 3000 core fans can be squeezed to a certain degree, and thus the club find that point where they maximise income and, most importantly, generate enough revenue to pay the £1,100 a day rent.

As fans we just need to wait it out until our owner lets us know what his plans are for his retirement, and his impending old age. He’s got the club in to a situation where it is not an attractive asset to purchase for investors, he needs to get us out of that hole.