Marketing & match ticketing policy


Great point about mini season tickets. Buy 5, 10 or fifteen to use whenever would be a great idea.


You are right PHIl about the railway and much else. I am not virulently anti JB as you probably know but we are desperately in need of new thinking and investment. I doubt as this is Walsall we will get a visionary leader but surely we need a new owner.


Agree entirely.

They’re so short-sighted though that they can’t seem to see that they core fan base they drain so much is ageing rapidly. Bonser won’t care too much about that, especially if it involves monetary investment in the short term - when all is said and done, he’s old enough himself now that he won’t have to worry too much in the long term.

If things remain as they are, at some point in the next 5 years or so (possibly less) I’m convinced it’s going to catch up on us and we’re not going to be an established League One side anymore. I worry what might happen beyond that.


He’s got the club in to a situation where it is not an attractive asset to purchase for investors,

I don’t think it’s a case of investor’s not being attracted to buying the club , i believe it’s the chairman not making the whole club available , he still want’s the Banqueting side of the business etc etc , it’s just the footballing side i think he’s willing to part with , and then no doubt still charge who ever rent for the privilege …


I just don’t get what JB is about, unless its as plain and simple as stalling and politicing in order to just keep greedily squeezing ever more money into his multi-million pound pension scheme. I mean let’s be honest, even he couldn’t have envisaged that when purchasing the club and later the freehold for the paltry amounts concerned that all these years later he’d have managed to amass such a pension fortune from lower league football club. Yet alone then seemingly want, and believe possible to go double your fortune by achieving a sale price in the ball park of what he (or the pension fund) reportedly are asking. If it were possible to gift the freehold to the club and then sell the club to The Trust for a quid, the money he (pension fund or whatever) has made would still be obscene given the nature of Walsall FC, a small but traditional and honest little football club with a loyal support base mainly from a working class background. The only time he’s remotely interested in an exit strategy is when he starts getting grief, and then the one he presents is totally unrealistic.

I just think he’s that used to the constant supply of basically free money feeding into his pension scheme, coupled with the fact that what he says goes, he just can’t bring himself to be extricated from it. And why should he?


Hence why our attendances are so poor , the town/area are well aware of this.


Gents, can we choose four key points from this thread that should be passed on to the Trust, please?


I can’t speak on behalf of others, but this is from my earlier post in the thread. Again, I’m sure if others view it as a key point, but I think the issue of atmosphere at grounds is one that should be tackled…

It’s been mentioned a few times in this thread but the atmosphere at home games is shocking, and in comparison with away games it’s chalk and cheese, but the fact that we’ve always had a very vocal away support should be something that the club tries to embrace and replicate at home games. I’m positive that by changing the Homeserve lower blocks 3 & 4 to unreserved seating with discounts and designating that the ‘singing section’ (or whatever) would have a positive effect on the atmosphere and ultimately attendances. That’s because you’re actually giving people an additional reason to come to the Banks’s, rather than just mid-table League One football.

Again, the club have been very clear in the past that they are against trying to ‘force’ an atmosphere at home games and that good football results will ultimately lead to a better atmosphere, which is true to an extent but this is Walsall, we don’t and won’t be winning every week. All grounds in England and Europe have official or unofficial singing sections, whereas we seem to have a strange situation whereby there are three separate groups in one stand trying to create an atmosphere. A starter point for the club should be identifying a way to get those three groups all together as one, whether that be in the Homeserve or in a new area of the ground.

The club were applauded for developing the ‘footballing philosophy’ back in 2012, which included the free football initiative, but it’s now 6 years on and according the last Fans’ Forum only 50 or so of these tickets have been sold - it’s time to modernise again WFC…


The key point is the original one made by FUNK that for those aged between 12-18 who are unaccompanied the cost of a ticket for one off games is far too high. I would suggest £5 myself. Secondary points include the complicated nature of the ticket offers which should be made much more simple so that people understand them and the nonsense which is different categories of game.
If the Club fear the changes would result in a loss of revenue then I would accept a slightly less generous early bird offer.


Is there any evidence to backup your claim that he’d want sell the club but keep the Bonser Suite side of things? I’ve never seen that mentioned, and can’t see the sense in that TBH - I personally do not believe it’s that profitable to be worth keeping, certainly not when you’d be relinquishing control of the main feeder of customers (i.e the football club - he’d have to start paying to advertise in the programme etc).


Geordie, I’m no accountant, but I believe that whilst Suffolk Life has “control” over the land, it cannot be sold at less than market value for tax/fraud reasons.

If this is the case, then logic suggests that even if JB was willing to discuss this route, he would first have to cash in his pension fund, thus returning control of the land back to him. At that point, I believe as a privately owned asset with no tax-strings attached, he could do with it as he pleased.

This is all pie in the sky, however, because, as yet he is totally unwilling to discuss his exit plan, or the long term future of the club in realistic terms. Personally, I think his constant referral to the council buying the land is a nod to the fact he knows he’s got the club in to this mess, and the council represents a way of him getting a final payout, whilst allowing him to appear to be doing the “decent” thing. He’s only willing to talk about this route because he’s not really had any interest in selling the land on the open market (it’s been for sale for 6 years).

I’ve said it before, but I think fans should be aiming to get a big enough controlling stake in the club by the time the next lease-break point comes along - if only to force JB to be honest.


Brought two young grandchildren to the match on Saturday aged 9 and 11. Cost: £12 each in the Lower. I would have expected that to be nearer a fiver. Yes I know they could have a free season ticket but they don’t live locally so won’t be regulars and it was a last minute decision so no time to fill in form/arrange photo etc. But more importantly when they got home to Mum and Dad to tell them all about their day out with Grandad all they went on about was the queueing and on reflection they are right. We queued for tickets, queued in the Stadium suite for a hot chocolate, queued again at HT in the Bescot bar for a drink, gave up, queued again at a kiosk and finally got served as the second half got underway. What an impression to take away! We oldies put up with this but the younger Instagram/everything now generation won’t.


The trust will be raising our concerns on marketing and match ticketing policy at their meeting on the first Monday of December. Therefore, there are just over 3 weeks for people to continue to air their grievances and perhaps propose potential solutions. It would be helpful for those of us collating the findings and the Trust making representations on our behalf of posts are concise and factually correct in order to boost our credibility with the board.


When Mr Bonser firstly put the " Club " up for sale i was buying my season ticket near to where he and his fellow director’s sat , and then on a regular basis Mr Doug Ellis (God rest his soul ) started appearing at the home game’s sat with him , the rumours around that said area from which i was lead to believe very good source’s we’re that he was looking to buy the club for his son .
Whether those rumours we’re correct or not i have no evidence to suggest either way , but the people i had spoken with said as i stated earlier it was not for sale lock stock and barrel , hence no more sightings of Doug .

Make of that what you will but also at that time there was an influx of people and syndicate’s buying club’s here there and everywhere , club’s that we’re basically struggling and in financial dfficulties , and yet we’re still being purchased … but Walsall " the best run club , and in the black , and such a great role model for club’s even in division’s above us …" was so he say’s getting no taker’s or it was people who didn’t have Walsall’s best interest’s at heart , something doesn’t add up to me


Kid get in the upper tier for £2 with a full paying adult. Just out of interest was you aware ?


And here lies the problem. Log onto the ticketing site for tonight and 1 x Adult and 1 x Junior ticket in the Upper shows as £42. No mention of £2 kids. That’s two bums on seats potentially lost.

It doesn’t even look as though you can purchase Coventry or Sunderland tickets just yet either.


No, not aware of £2 for kids. As Matt says there’s nothing on the website about it, nor did the Ticket Office mention it. Does that apply to the Upper only? If so, in order to take advantage, I would have had to move on a one-off basis from the Lower (where my ST is) to the Upper; don’t know if that’s allowed. I have 5 friends coming tonight who are sitting in the Prawn Sandwich. I wanted to join them ie move for one match only from the Lower for which I would happily have paid a Fiver or so upgrade but the Ticket Office said this was not allowed unless I bought a full hospitality package!

It’s all too complicated for me! It’s time to abolish category A/ category B and in advance/on the day differentials. And to speed up on-the-gate sales by having a separate Away Stand ticket office, displaying ticket prices on a huge sign for customers to dither about which stand they want before reaching the actual counter; display prices at the Lower cash gate so customers can have their money ready before getting to the turnstile. And whilst we’re at it: why are online tickets dearer than phone/in person? I know there are costs to pay to the handling agency but as a matter of principle I should be able to pay less online where I do all the work than phone/ticket office which requires staff time and effort. And how about Print-At-Home tickets…
There are so many ways of improving the customer experience at little or no cost.


Coventry & Sunderland are only available in person or phone to prevent sales to away fans in home areas.
All the ticket prices are on the website
The £2 kids is part of a family ticket for the first child.
e.g. Family £26 /Adult £24 1st child £2 / Additional child £12


Exactly the club should be really promoting that deal , but like you say it’s not easily acceable on the ticketing page. I wonder why :thinking:


£42 for 1 adult and 1 junior in the Upper Floors 2 Go (or whatever its called)?

Is that a typo?