Marketing & match ticketing policy


Just checked, no it’s not a typo. Why would you bother?


My nephews (both ex saddlers) now vile fans, have been watsaping me all day taking the ■■■■ about the price of our tickets :roll_eyes:


The advance and pay on the day differential is an attempt by the club to reduce queues at the pay windows on matchdays. If there was no differential then a lot more people would pay on the day ergo longer queues.


If only they had some kind of shop, I don’t know, in the Town centre or something? Where people could go and buy the tickets on the day before travelling. That way cutting down down the queue’s without preventing people with putting up the price.

Hmm poser.


We did have one in the old arcade shopping centre but they pulled the plug a few years ago. probably to save on staff wages and rates on the shop knowing Bonser.


It’s £22-25


Andypandy , just take up your own seat, then drag yourself round to your mates in the prawn sandwich. Unless it’s sellout , free movement is a doddle.


And possibly bigger crowds?


My two-peneth if ideas are being genuinely put forward.

Make the current family stand the away fans stand ala Rochdale, let the away fans sit in the middle and expand sideways if there’s enough of them.

Make the current away end unreserved seating for home fans (as it was when the two tier stand was being built), pay on the day cash turnstiles at something like £15 and £5, and do the same in the lower tier in the current home end.

Shift the family tickets to the blocks of the OAP nearest the current away end.

Get rid of two tier pricing.

No doubt there’s be loads of reasons why this can’t be done, health and safety, extra stewarding, blah blah.


I agree with all of that. The club manage some strange contortions as to why these things can’t be done.

They make a big deal over police advice. And yet West Midlands police happily preside over far bigger away followings sitting just two or three columns of seats from far bigger home crowds at all of the other League grounds under their jurisdiction.


The ‘in advance’ and ‘on the day’ price differential is as Saddla says clearly an attempt to get people to buy early to avoid queues at the ticket office. But I don’t think that’s working. Firstly, is a couple of quid really a big enough differential for most people? For some maybe but I suspect not for many. Secondly many people genuinely don’t know in advance whether or not they will be able to attend until the day - shift patterns, family commitments, weather, health, competing attractions etc - so can’t avail themselves of the offer, And thirdly, and I saw clear evidence of this again in the Ticket Office queue last night, is that those who do want to buy in advance simply clutter up the queue anyway: at 7.30 last night people in front of me were buying tickets for Sunderland etc. So the match day queue is not reduced but simply made up of people buying for the day’s match and future ones thus slowing the process even more. The modern solution to reducing the congestion is to make buying online worthwhile even on match day with print-at-home and/or on-phone tickets.


An overview of the last Working Party meeting, which took place on Monday (courtesy of Bescot Banter).


So that’s all of the issues sorted :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What a shambles. Everything dismissed or referred to someone else. Oh but we’ll chuck an extra 10 grand from the Bakayoko sale to the playing budget, that will silence the fans (customers)


The silence of the fans. Will Jeef eat our livers with favs beans and a nice Chianti?


Just read those minutes. On match prices is Dan Mole requesting that somebody else tell him how much we charge to get in and how this compares to the local competition? And/Or tell him how complicated it is to understand our pricing structure or how prohibitive our matchday pricing is for young folk?

I like Dan but it does seem like an easy deflection to be honest.


The flag issue made me chuckle.


It’s up there right next to rearranging the deck chairs as a priority item.


To be fair it looks like SD raised the issue in regard to one fan despite all the views expressed on here. Maybe DM had not read this thread! I agree though that it does look like the Club representative was playing for time but this issue will not go away with so many of us agreeing on the basic issue. It will certainly be raised at the next Fans Focus meeting but hopefully before then the Trust representatives will be better briefed and will raise the matter at the next working party.


Due to personal circumstance the person who was going to summarise all of the key findings here was unable to do so before the last meeting. The Supporters Trust will be fully armed with key facts and findings before the meeting on the 3rd. The Trust mentioned the issue at the last meeting to make the club aware and to give them chance to think of a response/ reasons and excuses why the ticketing policy will be remaining exactly how it is.