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I’ve never been one of Bonsers biggest fans but until the last few years I was never one of his biggest critics either. For me though, this subject typifies our club and the state of limbo it finds itself in. At first I was shocked but as this thread has grown I am now downright angry.

The front of our club to charge fans in any area of our ground, of any age group, more than a Championship club on our doorstep is outrageous! Then to find out adults are charged roughly the same across the board…

This regime is a good ten years past its sell by date and now its only purpose is to rinse as much as it can from that 3k hardcore. The evidence is right before our eyes and now its starting to take the ■■■■ in my opinion.

I had been to most games this season but haven’t been back since the topic was started. Nothing to do with the football, nothing to do with being a ‘stayaway’ - just well and truly ■■■■■■ off with the lack of regard or care that is shown to our fanbase. We aren’t even talking about difficult or expensive research here - it’s the kind of research any business that wanted to survive would do.

Atmosphere, growth, matchday experience, prices - they could not care less as long as that 3k go in and pay their money and of course he gets his rent. Nothing will be done from this or anything else, we may as well throw the towel in.


We just need a price break for unattached youth to turn up on a whim with their mates, and develop the habit like we all did.


Spot on.


I’m sure that would be a step in the right direction but not sure it would stem the worrying decline in our attendances relative to others clubs.

Less than 3.5k home fans there on Tuesday with us in a good league position does not make good reading.

I bet there were a few watching on ifollow who would have attended in the past. The club needs to bring the town together somehow whereby people want to come to watch the team and enjoy the experience, which in recent seasons has been poor.

I am another that travels a long way to watch either home or away - give me away anytime, however, this is not helping the club financially.

As I said the other week, our attendances in league one are down with the ex non league clubs and nowhere near that of most of our traditional league 1 rivals.


And the band played on, as everyone around were in a state of panic, then Titanic sank!!!


Agree with every word of that.

The bottom line is, they’ve got a scenario that works for them. ie. Bonser has his bulging pension fund and the rest have a cushy job. Keeping the club ticking over with a minimal fanbase, low playing budget, and a policy of making money from transferring players out for an occasional windfall does them just fine.

Its also a self-fulfilling methodology. Keep the ambition at zero and the experience/cost of attending games as it is and the crowds will dwindle. Then you can point to dwindling crowds as the reason why we can’t do anything to rock the boat, quote the fact that the friend for a fiver coincided with the lowest gate of the season, the lower prices this Saturday havn’t worked.
Hence any decent player will have to be sold to keep the club in “profit”. On it goes. Its classic problem reaction solution. Create the problem,get a reaction, and put in place a solution that suits. A bit like what happened all those years ago with the move to Bescot!

My feeling is now though, that more people than ever have sussed this out which could have serious long term consequences for the club regarding its fanbase.

As for not producing a program for a game attended by over 700 people. Just about sums them up. Non-league clubs country wide manage it on crowds down to double figures.


Bloody hell that is soooooo right, and as much as i have loved the club over the years, i also refuse to be taken for a mug anymore.


The whole situation is completely depressing. I decided I’d had enough of being ripped off as one of the 3k who prop up the family pension fund. Like several on here, I supported the protests at the end of last season, but found it pathetic how few were willing to support them. We sometimes get what we deserve in life, perhaps we deserve the reality of the Bonser family continuing to crush the spirit of our club giving how few can be arsed to try to prise him out.
For myself, I gave up on my ST as I was sick at giving the parasite my dosh on a continuing basis. I went to my third game v Burton last week and maybe not going regularly made me realise just how run down Bonser has let the ground and matchday experience become. We resemble Walsall town centre now, ■■■■ takeaways, charity shops and dingy bookies wall to wall. Depressing and I can’t see any way out of this vicious cycle unfortunately.


The club couldnt care less what rival clubs charge and they don’t need to.

They have our loyalty in their back pocket

The formula for ticket prices is simple

How much do they need to pay staff etc and keep the pension fund full and just divide by 3,000

Same last year same next year why change the club are more than happy with this


Dan Mole and deflection tactics … never lol


Swiftys doing a good job though, Christ almighty comedy classic!!!


Thank you so much…I do try hard…its nice that people notice…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hear you Funk and you’re spot on.

The most telling parts of this thread are the responses from the club and the trust.

The front men of the board seem to work on a “deflect and defer” basis.

Deflect the issue by either patronising their customers (“we’re a bit confused because it quite clearly states on the web-site that…”), putting the onus to market reasearch on their customers (“we need more information presented in a concise manner please”) or blaming their customers (“well if you brought in advance or became a member of the Tufty Club you wouldn’t need to worry about this”).

Then, when the evidence becomes compelling, it gets deferred. How often at Fans Focus is the answer “we’ll let Jeff know”, “we’ll take this to the next board meeting”?

Whenever a customer interacts with a supplier, the best experience is always when you talk to somebody who is empathetic to your situation and who is also empowered to make a decision. Whether that is taking a jumper back to a shop or conversing with your bank. These things matter. At the good ship Walsall FC it looks like we’re struggling on both counts. And if the board do not have decision making authority delegated to them by the owner then focus meetings, trust meetings, the AGM etc etc are a complete waste of time unless the owner decides to grace any of them with his presence.


Their whole reaction suggests that they know the model they work under is obsolete, and that they also know that it’s not going to be them who confronts the one person who could change things.


Absolutely correct, the “board” members are all yes men that pamper uncle Jeff and haven’t grown a backbone to enable them to stand up to him! That’s why they are board members!! Uncle Jeff ain’t stupid that’s why they get elected, slightly off track I remember being invited to a corporate hospitality day at Swindon when Walsall were playing them, we had just finished our pre match lunch and was being entertained by the MC who was an ex Swindon player I think it was a fella who’s surname was King? Anyway in walked Whalley and Stef Gamble, The MC announced who they were ( Gamble had just been appointed CEO ) the MC looked at Gamble and announced " Jesus there ceo’s a school Kid! He won’t rock the boat for fear of extra homework!!! The room exploded into fits of laughter, always remember that?



We want to encourage youngsters to come to Portman Road and gain that football bug,

“Hopefully they’ll enjoy the experience with a parent or guardian and then maybe look to come back in the future.”


Much better than the mass onslaught of children for 2 games a season, a steady stream of different schools, school chrildren and parents throughout the season. The club have previously said EFL rules limit the amount of schemes like this - if Ipswich can do it why can’t we? Surely it’s better to have a section of the family stand full of children and adults who will buy food and drink and may return as paying customers in the future thus securing the next generation of fans rather than an empty stand apart from 2 games a season.


On their first visit, anyway.


If there’s anything left. …