Marshy talking sense again



Absolutely and I agree with his comment about the image of JB and MOC at the end of the match - why would a boss conduct what is undoubtedly an HR related dialogue with an employee in open and clear view (probably audibly too) of others???

Like sacking, then recruiting in the canteen Jeff… you are just so bad at this stuff it beggars belief…



We’ve been talking nonstop on UTS about a Poundland type budget,why is it so relevant when Coventry City’s kit man mentions it?

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It’s always been relevant Sid - more so now it’s reaping what its sown…

Marshy was clearly writing his piece for the E&S as he regularly does and he clearly cares for the guys he’s reporting about DK and MOC) and the club and fans in general - what else is he supposed to talk about after a guy (his friend too) loses his job and such a shambolic performance?

We all know he’s speaking honestly and he’s right to point out about the players too - in my opinion!



This article is tomorrow’s chip paper, we all know the budget is poor Keates himself knew that when taking the job.

Chris fails to point out his mates failings as an actual coach and tactician , load of rubbish.



I’m not saying he shouldn’t write about it Coop,thats what the E&S pay him for. Just saying it’s no more relevant just because Marsh says it than it is when someone on UTS mentions it.

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Well, in my opinion, its more relevant because he is friends with DK and MOC. Saying that, not exactly ground breaking. Marshy has done well in blasting the hierarchy in some of his articles, maybe he feels he can’t do that with his job at CCFC.



I think it’s relevant as he is an ex professional footballer, currently employed by a professional football club, has an affinity with WFC, knows how the club operates, knows the ex manager, knows the current manager, his opinions are valued by a media organisation who pay him and provide him with the platform to share his opinions on WFC. Other than that I don’t get the relevance of Marshy’s commenters either.



Now if he had thrown his weight behind WSFC’s campaign to get rid of Bonser because in his opinion the “Poundland budget” was the main reason we are in a relegation fight,then that might have been worth commenting on.But he is not,he’s just stating the bleeding obvious.

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More people are going to see his column than if he’d followed WSFC on twitter or something.

Just because something is obvious it doesn’t make it any less critical to say. I hope he repeats it every week in his column because it is the main reason this club is rotting.

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I appreciate your point Sid but in all fairness, I don’t think many ex players would be openly critical of the owner like he does from time to time…



Don’t think he will do it again Coop,he will probably get a warning from the club (via the E&S) telling him to comment on the football side of the club in future.

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He’s done it numerous times, I’m sure he will be absolutely fine.

The one part of the article I didn’t agree with was him questioning the commitment of the players. There are plenty of things you can accuse these players of. A lack of technical ability. Poor footballing intelligence. Inconsistency. Silly unnecessary unforced errors.

But one thing I don’t think you can question is the application. I genuinely believe they gave their all for the cause. He asks how many players can look in the mirror and say they gave their all. Well I think Roberts, Devlin, Scarr, Fitz, Johnson, Guthrie, Leahy, Kinsella, Dobson, Edwards, Jarvis, Blackett-Taylor, Ginnelly, Cook and Gordon all can.

In fact outside of Ferrier, Ismail and Osbourne I think commitment hasn’t been an issue at all.

I can think of one league game where they chucked it in, it wasn’t just a question of incompetence, and that was Bradford away.



Not sure what that crap was I watched last Saturday then because to my mind they pretty much, as a team, capitulated and looked like they couldn’t have given a toss about the 3 points or our precarious position…

I know we all see things our own way but the first thing I said to someone when leaving the ground was that they just gave up and stopped trying - he said it was the worst defensive display he’d seen in 10 years (2 different opinions but not that far apart I reckon…)



They gave up after the third to be fair but my point is we weren’t in that position because of a lack of effort, they were there because, as your mate said, defensive errors cost us (to put it very mildly). A clear lack of quality. I’m not defending any of the displays we have seen this season, i just wouldn’t put it down to lack of trying.

I’d put it down to a distinct lack of quality.






Spot on Mazza.