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Martin may be on his way?


Number 3… remember it


It’s not Leahy the one referred to by Keates as someone leaving this week.

BUT… I know Leahy is the subject of interest from two clubs - so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go if anything concrete comes in.


Fully agree. There’s a big difference between a striker not being a team player, and not passing up an opportunity to have a go at goal. Cook won’t pass the ball if he has half a chance, yet he’s the epitome of a team player. Ferrier would rather try and beat three players in an impossible position than pass than play a simple pass and keep possession.

With Ferrier, I don’t think that his excellent start helped him. Teams have got wise to him, realized that likes to drift over to the left and cut inside, and basically marked him out of games. He’s regressed, whereas Cook has really worked hard on all aspects, kicked on and showed consistently that he’s capable at this level.


All completely fair points.

I’d just like to see him given that little bit longer to kick on in that same way as Cook. I don’t think he’s a million miles away and his physical attributes (pace and power) are not something to dismiss lightly if Keates can craft a player out of him.


Pace and power!!?? Watch out! Dr Stephen Lawrence will be on your case!!


Got to admit, that one has gone way over my head? Haha


Called out Masi on Twitter for saying Osbourne had pace and power. Basically called him racist :joy:


Haha to be fair to you Osbourne has been the very opposite of pacy.


He’s used it before in response to one of mine

Not a ■■■■■■■ clue - I even googled the name :rofl:


It’s all relative. It could be compared to walking pace.


Twitter bantz :grin:


I would want the following to go

Morris. Not developing. Not getting any better
Martin. Massive disappointment. Go
Chambers. Will offer nothing for remainder season. Go
Maz K. Never gonna be good enough at this level. Go
Ismail. Really bad signing. Go
Dunn. May as well go if he cant step in. Go

Pretty much anyone else id be willing to let.go for a fee. As long as we signed a replacement.




I agree with you on most apart from Chambers. He’s exactly what we’re lacking at the moment. A calm experienced head in the middle of the park managing the game.

Plus, it would be an awful sentiment just to boot him out given how well he’s served us over the years


Stereotyping :wink:


You have to wonder how much influence Chambers and Keates may have had on Kinsella’s progression in centre mid this season.


Regardless of whether people rate him or not, would make sense to cash in purely due to him being on a free in five months.

Easy enough to get a left back on loan from championship to cover.


Yep, deserves a farewell home game at the very least.

Guy has given nearly ten years service to this club and came very close to captaining team into the championship so would’ve been on same status as likes of Martin O’Connor then.

Who’d have thought when he signed as an o.k league 1 CM in 2011 he’d have gone on to make nearly 300 games for this club. Fantastic club servant.


There’s some serious trolls on here … Leahy with clubs interested :joy::joy::joy: give over!


Just my opinion and I understand others may differ but I’m not into player testimonials, I feel a player has been paid a fairly good salary for whatever length of time they may be at a club! In Chambers case I would think he was one of the better paid players at Walsall, and again in my opinion should have gone last season.