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Martin may be on his way?


Leahy and Ismail are following Martin through the exit door apparently. Fingers crossed!


A big thing Keates wanted to do when he started was get a scouting network set up. Granted it wasn’t easy to watch anyone in the pre season so now I’m hoping he has a few gems lined up now and is freeing some wages for them


I think that was the case fifteen years or so ago, but now you tend to find any money raised for a player testimonial usuall goes to their designated charity. With Chambers being one of the nicer guys in football, I couldn’t see that being any different


If players nominate a charity where testimonial money goes that’s great and have no problem with that.


Especially as he’s being cagey about signing a new contract that’s been offered to him by the club.


Can’t see it being Lehay tbh, let’s not forget Deano made him captain a few times this season, must think something of him to do that ?


You would have thought so, but I can’t imagine he would want to stay at the club. If other clubs are interested I can see no reason why he would sign another contract with us.


Ismail is finished in the football league I reckon. No one will ever take a chance on him again. National league is best he can hope for


What happened to gerrard mate?


Deal fell through


Shame it did



As bad as your inside information that one.




You’ve got to be on the wind up surely? He’s 3 weeks shy of his 33rd birthday having played most of last season in an Oldham defence that resembled a watering can for large parts of the season and were relegated. He’s played 4 times for Carlisle.

I thought the 2004-2009 version of Antnee was great, but not now. Did you see him against us for Oldham last season?





Now if we could get Butler back this squad WOULD be in the play off’s!


Tbh no !!!. I think gerrard would have actually improved things. How much worse can it get than conceding 5 goals in 20 minutes !!!


[quote=“Gensanx123, post:68, topic:2086”]
[/quote]WOLVES’ £100m WONDERKID

Chelsea and City sights on schoolboy star Zele Ismail


Didn’t mention testimonials, just said he deserves the final home game against Posh as a farewell with hopefully the club safe in mid table.

In any case he’s a 38 year old injured player currently so not sure which clubs would be interested in taking him if he was made available.

I’d keep him around. If he was around for the Sunderland and Luton home games to come on as a sub at 2-0 Walsall would’ve got 6 points from those games.


I’m with you in this, M-S: how much money do these highly paid players want? When they stop playing, they can always get a proper job like the rest of us.