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Martin may be on his way?


Wow, after so much hype, it is disappointing a little. And I didn’t know Walsall moved in last few weeks, so commuting started to be a problem. When he signed, it wasn’t it seems.


Can’t argue with that sentiment. He made the defence worse - quite a feat.


Clearly not paying him enough (or a long enough commitment) to allow him to take a place locally


To be fair to Keats, the inTENT was good.


Keates needs taking down a peg or two :wink:


Or just start again with a blank canvas!


Maybe he can rope someone else in.


Did the club forget to tell us ?


Are they supposed to tell those pesky supporters everything? What an annoyance, what’s it got to do with them anyway?


I have no words … how about Fitzwater ?? Where was the update on that ??

Clubs ■■■■■■


Masi said Martin was an honest and intelligent pro! Not that clever to check the map to understand where Walsall was in relation to Brighton!


I don’t believe the whole personal issues excuse. He said it was a commute but in the past year he’s been at Rangers and had a month at trial at West Brom.

Keates has probably told him how it is, hasn’t guaranteed him with first team football week in week out and he’s turned around and said he isn’t coming up here just to do abit of coaching.


Who cares? Our defensive problems worsened once he arrived.


I care as its another example of how badly the club is run.


Is it ? More a commentary on the Manager who worked for 2 months to get him here and he turned out to be below par to say the least!!!


‘I’m probably deemed a weirdo’: Russell Martin, the footballer who joined the Green party.

All them miles to Brighton and back ain’t helping his carbon footprint.


If Russell Martin facilitated the Jarvis move, then maybe it was all worth it after all.


Possible he pointed them in the direction of Norman as well.


Good shout. So he was rank at the two jobs we brought him in to do. But the side-of-The-desk scouting was a real boon.


He has obviously taken his winning mentality to MK Dons a match made in heaven!