Martin O'Connor named First Team Coach

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I can understand a new face and his no messing attitude, but another coach!

Does he not have confidence in the coaches he already has?

Also if DK was sacked then MOC would be the easy option…

I suppose he can’t sign players and something has to change. I can’t see it making any difference but we should be trying everything

Another legend then…M O’C was number 2 under Hutchings wasn’t he? That went well.

What this does suggest to me is DK isn’t being sacked anytime soon. You don’t create space in budget to get in a new first team coach to help out the manager and then sack said manager if he loses next game.

Unless of course O’Connor will take over as caretaker for rest of the season if that happens.


Well he’s bound to turn things round by Saturday…:roll_eyes:

Agreed he was part of the Hutchings disaster!, another old boy for the fans! What’s happened to Davies then? We’ve got more coaches than National Express😂


Once again our recruitment policy boils down to sending a quick message out to the Whatsapp group chat of former, well-regarded club figures.

Good luck to him by all means, but we all remember the Hutchings era.

Erghhhhhh, he just reminds me Hutchings and that doesn’t go down to well, if keates get sacked I wouldn’t want to see him in charge, I mean going from an academy to relegation battle… just just stupidity if he does get it, but hey ho that’s what Walsall seem to be doing atm

I worked at his moms just before Xmas, she said he was doing
Well with his football academy so why he wants to put himself through the mill with doing this? Mind you I had the email about early bird season tickets this morning :face_with_monocle:

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Will there be room in the dug-out?

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Here we go , now bringing back ex coaches ffs! This club has no limits to its stupidity :man_shrugging:t3:

An assistant/coach is only as good as his manager (and why I don’t hold much hope for him here) but it’s a bit unfair to write him off based on the Hutchings era.

Talked to MOC a few years ago about his time with Hutchings. Safe to say he found the spell as Assistant Manager hugely frustrating and felt he had been collateral damage. He was however proud of the coaching sessions he’d run for Grigg, Paterson etc that aided their development, so that’s promising at least.

Have to admit he’s my all time favourite Walsall player, so I’m biased perhaps.


Martin is a top guy but he’s walking into a disaster!

It’s a no win for him , i don’t like this tbh

I remember reading that interview. Recall him saying he was recommened Liam Bridcutt who was at Chelsea reserves at the time (Viveash probably tipped him off). The club stalled and Brighton signed him instead and within two years sold him to Sunderland for 3m.

Nothing against him at all but only realistic thing club can do to try to get some wins is change the number 1 and that looks less likely now.

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That I agree with. I don’t understand what is in this for him, he’s going to be tarred with the same brush as our failed management team by jumping onto a sinking ship.

Interesting that as we cut our development squad, we bring in a coach that has his own academy…

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Yes! Viveash tipped him off on Bridcutt and the player was interested, but the club wouldn’t budge on the fee…

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Surely it’s win-win for him. We do better and survive it’s down to his influence, or we go down and he shoulders no blame coz the ship was already sinking.

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The thread is a bit negative tbh.
This isn’t with rose tinted specs but in the circumstances I approve of the move with MOC.
He knows the club well (good and bad) has affinity with the fan base born in the town a decent career has get up and go and could DEFEND!
Pity he and DK couldn’t play next Saturday.
Also not forgetting MOC is mates with Franksy so the media mogul that is Franks might just say something positive about us for once.