Martin or Fitzwater

Who would you play? Discuss.

Play both, play them at LB and RB because clearly it’s all Leahy’s and Devlin’s fault. Then bring in Connor Johnson at CB. All our problems will be solved because the two worst full backs in the history of football are out the team.

Think I’d be giving Guthrie a rest rather than Martin, sure he’s played about 100 consecutive games!

That said, there’s a chance we’ve been told by the Albion that they want Fitz back in January, and they’d really appreciate if he wan’t injured…

I don’t buy this thing about players being “tired”…It’s used too often.Now if you played in the Liverpool teams of the 70s-80s they used to play 60-70 games with European games etc…and only allowed 1 sub. If Walsall play Saturday…Tuesday, surely they should have the physical and mental fitness to be begging the boss to play in both games.The only exception being if they are carrying a slight injury…It’s harder for the fans to be able to afford 2 games in a week than it is for players to play 2 games in a week.


The fitness levels and demands on today’s players are totally different from the 70’s though Sid. Players from that era would be out on the ■■■■ the night before a game (some would sneak a couple in the pub on Saturday lunchtime :joy:).
Player runs past you? Just pull him down. You had to murder someone in those days in order to get sent off.

I wonder how much ground those players covered in a game compared to today’s?

The thing is though Belphegor,they train to play 2 games a week…I know its not the same thing,but the other week I did some slabbing on the Sunday ,it knocked me about something terrible,I’m over 60 but I was raring to go again by Wednesday.What I’m saying is that if an old sod like me can recover in 3 days,then surely super fit young men can recover for another game on Tuesday.


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Said for weeks I’d play three at the back. Push the full backs into wing backs. Gives you the option to play wingers in a 3-4-3. 5 at the back against better opposition or defending a lead which we’ve really struggled with. Get Connor Ronan into the team in a 3-5-2.

Think it would solve some of our defensive issues too. Which ever partnership of two has a weekness. Guthrie and Fitz are good defenders but lack experience. A two including Martin lacks mobility.



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Totally prepared to get shot down for this but it’s just a thought … What about Ginelley partnering Cook up top?

Play a 3-5-2

Devlin -------------------------Leahy–

Genuinely think Ginnelly has the attributes to be a very tricky striker. I like Ferrier but he’s too inconsistent for me and his finishing for a striker is appalling, you only need to watch him warming up to see that. Whilst Gordon works hard I think Ginnelly would have a bit more class and nous about him up top. What do you lot reckon? I could maybe see him being a bit lightweight compared to both Ferrier and Gordon.


To be honest I like any formation that gets him and Ronan on the pitch because they look the two most likely players to create chances. That formation also gives you the choice of bringing Zeli on and playing with a three or dropping Gino back into midfield if we are defending a lead. Like it.

Like it providing Ginnelly can match Gordon’s work rate. That bloke never stops.

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Totally agree mate.

Yep that would be my main reservation, although as el_nombre said you can be pretty flexible with it. I’d love us to try it at some point.

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Attacking link up between Ginnelly and that heap of solid gold **** Leahy would be interesting too if they were both in advanced positions.

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That shouldn’t be the question.

The question should be Guthrie or Fitzwater.

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Yep. Definitely think it’s worth try

Well the answer to that is Guthrie all day based on this season. Fitzwater has been average at best this season.


I’d rather play Martin than Fitzwater. His experience is vital which we were all crying out for. All of a sudden a few bad games and he’s questioned when we were already on this slippery slope before Martin came in.


I wonder what game some people watch.