Martin or Fitzwater


Here we go. Not allowed to disagree.

Same as you mate, same as you. They aren’t all lazy though and can see improvement in players rather than just lumping on the same ones just because they were ■■■■ under a ■■■■ manager.


Personally I don’t believe for one minute that Martin wants to be at the club, he made it pretty clear that he only signed as everything else fell through.

I wouldn’t say I’m impressed , and we certainly defended better with Fitzwater in the team.


Disagree that he clearly doesn’t want to be here. He’s clearly here because we offered him a coaching position. His attitude seems extremely professional and he’s come across well in every interview.


We offered him a coaching position because he didn’t want to come here as a player.

We don’t need anymore coaches, we need hungry players … that he isn’t.


Well yes, but I don’t see what difference that makes in term of professionalism and desire. I think he’s exactly what we need. Our back room has always been much smaller than other clubs and the last defending coach was never replaced.

We also SEVERELY lack experience particularly in defence. But I agree he’s off the pace. Hopefully that picks up as he hasn’t had a preaseason or played for some time.


That’s my issue , he’s off the pace because he wouldn’t commit to the club because due to chasing a better deal.

Each to your own and it’s a game of opinions , but for me he hasnt added to the team. If anything it was Fitzwater’s pace and agility which played a big part in our early season form.


Well you can’t really blame the guy for holding out for the deal he wants to be fair.

He was actually at fault for a lot of the goals we conceded though. I think he’s great at making big tackles and stuff that gets fans off their feet but he gets outfoxed a lot. Don’t get me wrong I think he’ll be a championship level defender one day.

I think which ever two you play we are going to lack either experience or that kind of athleticm. It’s why I’d play both.


I think it’s a good shout getting all 3 Into the team tbf, probably the 3 best defenders at the club.


Martin rejected offers from two league one clubs much bigger than ours to sign for us - he gave Dean his word.

He’s also apparently one of the nicest blokes in football. Any criticism of his character is ridiculous.


To be fair he did get better deals in League one but chose us due to his loyalty to Keates. That’s the sort of character I want to be fair. I don’t mind a free agent holding out for a Championship offer.


Who’s criticising his character? I am suggesting that it may not be the best deal for the club.

Time will tell but at the minute the jury’s out.


Based on what? He’s clearly much better than our other 3 defenders.


Spot on.


Really, so you are telling me based on his current performances he has been head and shoulders above the others ?


Uncle Jeef is happy. The water bill has come down by 20% since he signed.


Guy’s been a good player for many years, played 4-5 years in the premier league but he isn’t Baresi.

Remember he didn’t have a proper pre season so he’s getting his fitness playing the games which isn’t always ideal.

I fear him and Guthrie as a combination is just a little too one paced, would like to see him and Fitz get a run for the xmas games.


…that’s only because the last few tap’s that worked in the toilet’s have give up the ghost now as well …:joy: