Martin Peters

World Cup winner and West Ham legend dies aged 76.
Sad news indeed, another one gone.


Yes very sad…RIP Martin…your role in our World Cup win will never be forgotten.


And of course graced Fellows Park in 1967 along with the 2 other West ham World cup winners, Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore in which Martin scored 2 goals in our 1-5 League Cup drubbing.


An amazing footballer through the 70s when I started watching the game. Would be totally suited to the modern game I would think.

I’m about 99.9% sure he was the Sheff Utd manager when we sent them down and kept ourselves up in '81.

RIP Martin.

Martin Peters a true English legend,RIP


I was there, and have to say I even enjoyed a game which we lost 5-1. Just to see those World Cup winners at Fellows Park was amazing. RIP Martin Peters. Legend.


Had a short spell as manager of Sheff United and was in charge there when we sent them down at the end of the 80-1 season.


We were trying to work out in the bar earlier how many of the team are still alive?

@Belphegor I think its 6. Cohen, Stiles, J. Charlton, R.Charlton, Hurst and Hunt.

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Another of the greats that had the dreaded Dementia RIP

Very sad news. He was before my time but i know a lot about him.

As does Nobby Stiles. Horrible disease for the sufferers and maybe even more so, for those who love them.

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Yes, I seem to remember that too. I’m pretty sure he was sacked after that game. RIP Martin.

My sentiments exactly HK.
To see the spine of our 66 World cup winning team at FP was amazing and remember us quite understandably chasing shadows and thinking these blokes are on a different planet to us.

Note that West Ham didn’t play their reserves against us. A different era.

Certainly didn`t, not a bad line up eh?
And in those days the League Cup was second only in importance to the FA Cup which in turn was second only to winning Div 1.
Jim Standen
Bobby Moore
John Charles
Bill Kitchener
John Cushley
Ronnie Boyce
Martin Peters
John Sissons
Peter Brabrook
Geoff Hurst
Harry Redknapp

It wasn’t just the strong team that denotes a different era. Jim Standen, the goalie, had won the County Championship with Worcestershire in 1964, having won the F A Cup final in the May.
Different days. :grinning:

Rip Martin a true great, did see him in the game at Fellows Park back in 1967. Gone but never forgotten.



I think he played (he was player manager that season) against Walsall, in the first game I went to at Fellows Park in the 4-4 draw with Sheffield United in 1980