Match Poll: Wycombe Wanderers (H)

Can the Saddlers unseat the Chairboys?

  • Walsall win
  • Draw
  • Wycombe win

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“Saddlers won’t take backers for a ride,” is a headline in Racing and Football Outlook. Their ratings ,it says,have Walsall at evens. Walsall , it argues are disproportionately better against lower half teams, Wycombe worse against upper half ones.

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Goes to show you have to consider so much more than just form!

I think they are in a bit of a false position honestly. They’ve had some good results but i look at their team and wonder how.

Jason McCarthy is there (How did that happen?) but at centre half. He’s a right back all day. Akinfenwa is what he is and Bryn Morris is playing centre mid for them.

Watch them win 3-0 and all the players I just named score.

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I suppose some would argue our recent form is more reflective of our ‘sum of parts’ - expecting a really tough game.

No doubt about it. This team look middle of the middle to me. Capable of getting results against any of the bottom half teams but not good enough to beat the top half teams.

And considering the expectation at the start of the season, that is by no means a criticism.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Wycombe are much lower than their current position at the end of the season.

Agree, this is a real opportunity to get back on track. Cook and Akinfenwa marking each other on corners will be interesting!


Won’t be able to get a hand on one another!

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