Match Programmes (2020-21)

Anyone else out there still collecting matchday programmes for this season? It does help to bring a bit of normality to the watching-from-home experience.

We are still doing a physical programme that you can buy online and have shipped (or collect) - and the club has been sending the electronic version to ST holders on matchday too. Unlike some clubs though, looks like we have to order them game by game as no facility to bulk purchase for the whole season in advance. So far they have been on a par quality and content-wise with what we were used to when allowed to attend games.

For away games it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Some clubs are doing it like us and you purchase direct from them via the online club shop on their own OS, others are having it done by a 3rd party and you have to go to their website to order.

And then there are some who apparently aren’t bothering (to vary9ing degrees). FGR aren’t doing a proper programme (even an electronic one) but do sell single page teamsheets for each game. Mansfield apparently aren’t even doing that!

Not been able to find anything saying who is doing what so have been playing it by ear each game. Anyone found a central list anywhere?


Like you, I’ve been buying the programmes on a match by match basis, as I would normally do attending games home and away.
For home matches, I would also pop into the reception area to pick up a team sheet too.
As this isn’t possible this season, I email the club and they send me one following the games.
For away matches, I’ve also managed to get team sheets for Harrogate, Bradford and Mansfield.
Been trying to get one from Barrow and Bristol Rovers ( EFL Trophy), without success yet.

If you want, drop me a DM with your email address and I’ll share them with you.

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Cheers - much appreciated.

I’ve been buying home ones as I would normally - hadn’t considered away ones tbh.

I do like getting them and being in pristine condition but they are going to look out of place with all my others which are normally bent from going in back pocket.


Same here. :grin: