Matchday Walk up experience


Pedagogue was playing in that game! :smiley:


Well due to monumental ■■■■ up of going to the wrong bar :grimacing:, I ended up in what I thought was a Second World War bomb shelter, lol I half expected to be served by pheobe :rofl:, and it took me about 20 mins to get served.


Get there for 2


An important point to note is that this doesn’t just affect us.
The club is keen to host more England youth and women’s games.
Any visiting fans of other clubs must remark on the state of the service and facilities.
We’re fortunate that the FA doesn’t take much notice and look elsewhere.


Thank you, you pair. I think that you’re confusing me with Geoff Whiting!


Now there’s more of an issue for me!


With the club allowing anyone into the stadium suite, I have stopped going there for my pre match pint - preferring a pub on the outskirts of town.

I think its a dreadful decision by all made.

RE the bar staff, the pulling of pints isn’t the issue, its till training and having one till/ 4 or 5 bar staff… slows the whole process down.


I was at the Gillingham game, and had paid for my ticket online. The queue for collections also stretched into the carpark, and was longer than the pay-on-the-day queue.

On the other hand, I was able to pick up my ticket for the Plymouth match in about 5 seconds…


Nightmare mate , queuing all round the stadium suite to get a pint is ridiculous. That was also 1 hour before kick off.

Hate to be so critical but half the issue is the bar staff of useless and very slow .


Yeah, I’m sure it’s not the most rewarding job in the world but the speed is atrocious. Especially for a bar with at least a few hundred people in. If it was a pub they’d be going 100 mile an hour trying to get as much money in as they can!


Also at the kiosks, they have one taking the money and and one getting your order but only when you have paid? And another just standing there.


That’s what I can’t understand , the revenue they are turning away would be a worry to me ( should I be in charge ).


I stopped using the stadium suite for a pre match pint last season for a number of reasons, 1) took so long to get served, 2) beer was —p and pricey 3) I didn’t want to contribute to Bonsers pocket anymore than I had to! Therefore I won’t buy anything at the game i.e. Programme, food, drink!! Just my own little stance regarding Bonser, so I use the Fullbrook for pre match pint, was pleasantly surprised Sky tv, clean, and Highgate mild £ 2:20p a pint, jobs a good un.


Went in the Bonser Suite after the game. It’s no better in there. It took so long to get served I’d nearly forgotten what I wanted. The chap in front of me asked for lager & lime and got exactly that (lager with a slice of lime in it) from one of the bar staff that looked about 12!

After all that fun and frolics we were instructed by Mick Kearns to squash into one side of the room due to a private function in the other end. God forbid scum football fans got in the way of corporate guests dripping in money :roll_eyes:


Yeh part of the problem is due to the fact we employ 16,17 year olds in the kiosks I think… mainly cos they’re not entitled to full minimum wage I would imagine.

If I also remember rightly, I think this is also part of the reason we can’t have fryers in the kiosks (due to the uninsurability of employing a 16 year old to fry chips).

None of this is new tho - it’s been going on for years - generally the standard of facilities for ordinary fans at the club are amongst the worst in the football league. Even in League 2 clubs are starting to rebuild and improve.


Our overall match day experience is completely sub par and dated for me.huge waits whatever you want and regularly running out of stuff in less than no time.garbage needs huge improvement


If you had ever visited uncle Jeffs factory, or spoken to one of the poor unfortunate people who worked there for him you would then very clearly understand his idea of running a business, wages, investment, workers rights, conditions, forward planning etc.


That little programme room is no longer open at the away end. As far as I know there are no plans to re-open it for any purpose.


I’m happy to send a link to this thread to the club if there are no objections.


After the recent lack of interest from the club as regards to our concerns of how the CLUB is run, do you think that they will take any interest?