Matt Jarvis

Former Wolves, West ham and current Norwich winger has joined on loan till the end of the season. Personally id say its a decent signing if he is fit and able after his injury problems the past few years

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I’d echo those statements - only if he is fit and over his injury problems. 21 games since September 2015 isn’t a good recent track record.

A really experienced player. That should help us but lets hope he is fitter than his Norwich teammate! Welcome to Walsall Matt…

Hasn’t played much in 3 years… if we can get him fit he’ll be decent, but I hope we’re not wasting much budget on someone who might not get fit…

Am I missing something here?
A 32 year old that hasn’t played for 2 years?
Described as a massive coup!

I read a piece the other day where he was saying he was over his injuries and ready to play again. If true what a signing for this division.

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Good signing if fit . Let’s hope he is and is also allowed to play in the cup tie at Bolton.

Decent signing. Pleased with this.

He hasn’t played a first team game since May 2016. It will be the end of the season before he’s properly match fit.

Yeh, coup isnt the word I’d use

A fit Matt Jarvis would be the best winger we’ve had for some time.

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Rubbish signing … hope I’m proven wrong, but with replaced a fit young reliable player with a 32 year old who hasn’t played for years!

Walsall Fans are easily pleased!

Let’s give him a chance before we all criticise.


This (from Wikipedia) I find promising:

“In his first season (at West Ham), he attempted the most open-play crosses in the Premier League, 171, and was successful with 42 of them, also the highest in the Premier League.”


Aren’t you confusing the word criticise with comment?

Criticism of the club and the signing they have made .Good coup in my opinion sure this man can cross a ball for Cookie .

Let’s give the dingle ■■■■■■ a chance before we all jump in with the recycled negative comments.


I’m interested to understand what makes you think he’s a good coup , when he’s not fit?

Well there’s the service Cook has needed :blush: