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Matt Jarvis


Probably 10k for ginnelly . Will never know cuz they never let us ■■■■■■■ know do they !!!


Could have made half a million on him and it would have been no difference.


Got to give Keates some deserved praise here. We’re not signing no bodies at the end of the transfer window like ngoy, shaibu or beilik. We’ve got a proven player in on the first day of the window


I think he will do well when he plays but I just cant see him staying fit.


A quick search of the Premier League 2 games for Norwich shows his last appearance as March this year where he started and came off after 20 minutes.


If he stays fit this is an incredible signing, on his day he oozes class.


50k + add ons + sell on is the deal being banded about


Same as everyone else then.


So many injuries …
Let’s hope enough quality left and he will stay match fit. It looks like he can play as left winger and right winger too, so another option to encourage one player.


Can’t see how he could possibly be cup tied tbh. Norwich haven’t played in the cup yet and he hasn’t been out on loan according to his profile.


Will all depend on if Norwich have given us permission to play him.


You get some stick on here, but I actually agree with most of your views pal


Really can’t see Keates signing an unfit player at this stage of the season for only 5 months, surely we have to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise?

I believe a fit Jarvis is a better player than a fit Ginelly, so that’s an improvement right?


Just give the guy a chance,remember how everyone went way over the top with excitement when we signed Ferrier & Cook…just see how he fits in or not,as the case may be.


It is a logical signing in that it suits everybody concerned. I think it is an opportunistic one on the back of Ginnelly leaving, Jarvis needing proper competitive football and our new found connections with Norwich.

If he’s anywhere near the player he was at his peak then it is a right touch.

But that is long shot to be honest. Fifteen to twenty solid first team appearances that help us finish twelfth will do everyone I think.

If it is indeed opportunistic and tactical then fair enough. If the Ginnelly out, Jarvis in move is an indication of a new strategy then it isn’t a good one in my opinion.

Let’s see. Keates repeating the “massive coup” mantra he used when signing Martin doesn’t sway me one way or the other.


To me this is why not going will never hurt JB as some think it will. All it takes is one or two of the many punts the club takes on unproven, cheap players to come off and you have a nice lump of transfer income. Add that to the club’s policy on giving away fans loads of tickets, and the odd cup win, and it really doesn’t matter that much if the gates drop by 500/1000. In fact it probably gives Bonser an easier ride and a ready made excuse for continuing to run the club the way he does, hence the home ticketing policy. If Andy Cook carries on and gets 20 goals plus this season, don’t be surprised to see him off in the summer for a couple of hundred k, or even before the end of Jan if he has an eye catching upcoming few games.

In terms of the Bonser situation, history shows he finds a decent sized, vocal home crowd much more difficult to deal with, although he does usually find a way round it!


Hmmmm if you say so


I was only saying to a mate of mine the other day that we could do with a Kevin Harper, Éric Skora type signing. Experienced, recent minor injury/ out of favour but get them playing and they would be a real asset to the side.

Welcome to Walsall Matt!

Still a dirty dingle though! :slight_smile:


Another Beilik, who incidentally, will almost inevitably score against us today!


I do :rofl:

Makes me loff when anyone on here has less than a ■■■■ fest when we sign someone, they are accused of writing the player off. I cannot find any posts writing him off, just a few questioning whether or not it appears to be a good signing or not (due to his injury situation, not his pedigree).
Having a debate about such things is surely what a forum board is for?