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Matt Jarvis


I agreed with you no? I never specifically said I don’t.


I wonder if Jarvis can play in defence…:roll_eyes:…because that’s what we really need,as proved again today.




Keeping you busy today ay I Welsh :rofl:

Sorry mate, been on the punk all afternoon


Am I missing something ?

We sell a young, talented, fast and fit, developing player and replace him with a 30odd tear old, on loan, who has. Not played a competitive game for 2 years ?

A club transformed


Missing the fact that he doesn’t wanna play for us!


Post in a couple of other forums and actually used his name in “Players you completely forgot about” threads on said forums.

Even after that I’d still forgotton about him until I read that S*n interview posted above last week.

He was a good player. Excellent at Wolves which got him the England cap, less so at West Ham and Norwich.

One thing I will say is he’s an old fashioned winger who hugs the touchline and gets in plenty of crosses a game (or at least the old version was).

With the form Cookie is in he will thrive on that you’d surely think.

Mad he hasn’t played since 2016 again. With Joe Edwards still trying to get back into the swing of things after being out for 9 months it gives you a scale of what’s ahead.

I’d probably class it as an intriguing loan signing more than anything. Might work, might not.


If fit he’s a very good addition. If not then it’s a daft signing.


If he was injury free, match fit and in form there’s no way he would be coming to Walsall

So why is he

I would prefer the club or manager to be honest about in which of these aspects the risk lies


If he was fit he wouldnt be anywhere near Walsall … I’m guessing we are offering him the chance to try and get some game time.


Same with Posh with Lee Tomlin I guess?

Look it might not come off but when the alternatives are Morris and Zeli flipping Ismail I’d say it’s worth a shot personally.


As I mentioned above, another Beilik/Bielik, probably never see him in a Walsall shirt, just using us as a stepping stone for getting fit again, after all we have amazing training facilities (even is it’s all breezeblock, incidentally the wonder brick for building Stadium structures, allows the pith to sweep majestically across a floor)


Whatever happened to that Bielik?

Oh that’s right he scored passed us this season.


Go to bed your making a fool of yourself now.


By pointing out facts? Thought you were all about them?


You’ve just stated above that your only interested what players do in a Walsall shirt , then use Bielik scoring for Charlton as an example.

Your confusing yourself now :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nope he was a crock for Walsall. I judged that based on what he did for Walsall. My point is Jarvis hasn’t even missed a game yet.

I pointed out Bielik has gone on to be useful despite this because, and I know some people struggle to understand this, you don’t stay injured forever.

Do try and keep up rather than posting passive aggressive bullshine.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: your a ■■■■ mate


Keep up with you , you can’t keep up with yourself you tit … your arguing with roughly 10 posters at a time .

Serious question do you have nothing better to do?


I mean, you keep responding? Imagine having nothing better do than conversing with somebody you don’t enjoy conversing with?

But I made a fair point and yet again it’s the passive aggressive bullshine. Anybody can call anybody a ■■■■ without a point. It’s easy.