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Matt Jarvis


Welcome Matt Jarvis if he as much ability as Mcgeady for Sunderland then we may have a decent signing until the end of season, don’t forget he as an England cap and a big money transfer at one point so give him a chance to shine before slagging him off before he’s began, good luck to him.


If he can get on the pitch it will be his first game outside the premier league since May 2009 which gives you indication of his ability in the past.


Keates has quoted that he’s fully fit and will go straight in the squad for Bolton.

Good luck to Matt, I hope he stays injury free and he keeps us up.


UTS is turning into WFHYS :joy:


True, but I’ll make a judgement as the season progresses. You’d have thought the club would have learnt from signing Bielik. Seems to me like he’s physically fit but not match fit. We’ll see.

One thing I can say with confidence is that a match fit Jarvis will be one of the best wingers in league one, on a par with McGeady. His contract with Norwich ends this season so I feel this is him putting himself in the shop window.


Ee’s gorra gew. Weblely. Crock.


Can you imagine the ■■■■ that would have flowed on here (not the toilets in the lower) had we resigned Bielik this season?
It would have been a great signing if we had!


I’m hoping that whatever his initial level of fitness, he can at least whip in decent free kicks and corners!

In coincidental timing today, I was reading the Peter Crouch book and he talked about Jonathan Woodgate (playing at right back) getting taken off after 15 minutes as he was getting completely destroyed by a certain Wolves winger…


If he’s fit and is picked, I can’t see him playing anywhere other than the wing which means a different formation to that which we’ve seen in recent weeks.

I’ve quite fancied the Edwards/Dobson/Kinsella midfield and with Gordon playing in advance of this solid base it feels like we’ve been creating more chances too.

Accommodating Jarvis will require a fairly substantial change somewhere in the front six, which is the bit that has been doing ok in recent weeks (it’s the other five that are the big worry!!).

If he’s fit Jarvis has to be accommodated. Possibly £5m worth of talent can’t warm our bench. So you could drop Gordon and play the old Christmas tree 4321 with Ferrier and Jarvis splitting to form a midfield five when we don’t have the ball. Or we go back to how we started the season which means a 442 with Ismail coming back into the team with either Gordon or Ferrier being dropped in addition to one out of Edwards, Kinsella and Dobson. Unless we think Edwards could play wide.

Not easy choices. I’d go 442 with Gordon and Edwards dropped. Not that either have done much wrong to be fair. If only Dean had these nice problems amongst the back five!


I would think about playing Edwards at RM of a 442 with Jarvis on the left. Part of our problem is the wingers just do not track back consistently enough.

So though we lose some “flair”, we probably need to go back to basics and start grinding results out


Just read an article on Jarvis. He’s on £30,000 a week at Norwich (well, was when he signed his current contract)


looked good today one player along with cookie who i couldnt knock.


Agree considering he hasn’t played for a couple of years Jarvis did well. Could be some player for us as he gets fitter . Cookie,kinnsella and devlin come out with credit for me . Devlin again gets no help from those in front of him but he himself works his socks off