Matt Taylor delighted as Walsall duo return

Some good news. Despite it going against everything I believe, with Hayden White and Zack Mills out, I have to say I’d play Kinsella right back (it’s only a one week thing @Thanatos :wink:)

I’d also put Wilkinson on the right and Khan on the left.


Agree with that. I was only thinking yesterday how Wilkinson, Holden (I know!), Khan (always looked a decent player over the years) behind Miller would improve us immeasurably. Taylor has been really unlucky with the injury situation.


Same here put Kiernan and Shade on the bench at least we will have some options then as well.


MT has played Leak at RB in a few games (mainly pre-season and cups), but Khan also ended up there in game against FGR on Wednesday so I’m guessing one of these would be preferred to Kinsella even if he is fit enough to take part against Rochdale - especially as White is only banned for the 1 game.

If it wasn’t MT in charge you might even be able to speculate on us reverting to a back 3 (with the addition of Taylor, Sadler or indeed Leak) and Khan coming in as right wingback - but he is rigid on the 4231 formation so I doubt it is even a possibility.

I’d put Phillips on the bench and I’d put Shade in Leicester.


Great news is Labadie available again next weekend also? We need a fully fit squad the back ups isn’t much cop.

I believe so.

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Yes 1 game ban.

I think I was the only person who wasn’t impressed with Kahn against Forest Green, think he was weak when he drifted into a central position - recall him getting into trouble and giving it away on the edge of the box when he should have just got rid so to speak.

He wasn’t amazing, but at least he picked the ball up and made things happen, which is more than anyone else had done all day. Most wingers are a bit light weight when coming inside.