Matt Taylor Interview

Just stumbled across this. An interesting read.

Not entirely sure I agree that performances were good even when results weren’t but I might just be comparing to some of the dross this season :rofl:


Totally agree with him to be honest. There was plenty of positives knocking around about those performances at the time.

He’s right he should have had a plan B and I think he’s right there were factors that played into the seven game run that would have been hard for anyone to overcome.

Shame it didn’t work out. Easily the most likeable manager we’ve had recently, but unfortunate that wins you nothing.


Interesting article.

Good luck to him.

Wonder if he’s learned enough to come back and sort this shit out?:joy:


He says we played 4-3-3. Not my recollection

Is he working ? Would we have agreed to pay him until his contract expired or until he got a new job.

Bloody hell! If that was a 433 then he really was doing something wrong

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Reading the CV advert posted on the Coaches Voice the cynic in me is saying the timing and wording is soley because the money for his payoff will be running out in 6 months

Appointed in May 21 on what I believe to be a 2 year contract. Do the math for the rest

Cant really fault him if he has a family to support

Guessing he’s a millionaire from his playing days.

Not terribly insightful but worth a read,

“I don’t look back on Walsall as a negative,” Taylor says. “We lost seven games in a row but 24 out of the 25 players apologised for their performances and for letting me down.”

Found the podcast mentioned in the interview.

Wonder who the one player was?. My monies on Labadie or White

I’d go for Wilkinson.

Doesn’t say a lot for the character of these players or the culture in the club if 24 out of his 25 man squad apologised for letting him down. Doesn’t say a lot for him either if he had so many players not doing the right thing as the buck stops with him. Might be nice if they apologised to us the fans who pay their wages and turn up every week too.