Matt Taylor: Walsall having to protect Devante Rodney

Are you telling me that he cant even play yet christ whats the point He must of been the player with the problem we heard about the other day in the star today .We do now who to pick them .

Walsall are having to ‘protect’ Devante Rodney as he gets over an injury issue – but hope the new striker can make his debut tomorrow
Walsall boss Matt Taylor admits the 23-year-old is still feeling the effects of an injury – believed to be a heel problem suffered earlier this campaign.
“We’ve got to protect him a little bit in terms of his injury,” said Taylor on Rodney, whose last league game was on December 7 for Vale.He had quite a substantial period of time at his previous club where the injury was a little bit worse than suspected.“As much as I know Devante is really desperate to be in contention and wanting to play at the weekend, whether that might come a bit too soon for him, I don’t know.”

How the fck did he pass a medical then?

We are an absolute joke of a club.


This news doesn’t surprise me but makes it even more bewildering that we didn’t get anybody in on deadline day.

Non league players, youngsters from Spurs, Palace or West Midlands clubs: McDonald has got more clubs than Rory McIlroy too!

All hungry for an opportunity.

It’s a good job that we have so many youngsters firing at the moment for the free-scoring reserves…

I’d throw Ronan Maher in: at least the fans would get behind him.


We have a very thin squad and the first team players we do fill it with seem to have had injury issues at previous clubs. A disaster waiting to happen. Fullarshit is a joke.



2 transfer Windows to transform a joke of a club. Think about it and articulate what you want to say rather better than that.

A heel problem suggests Achilles. They’re big problems. Trust we do our due diligence though !

Another Holden in the making. I can’t believe that anyone in our desperate situation would knowingly pay money for someone who is carrying an injury

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Makes the comments on our offer make sense.

“We’ll take him despite the medical”…

If it was only a one off injury that would keep someone out for say a couple
of weeks when you are signing them on a 2 and a half year contract then that would probably be ok.

When its an ongoing injury that’s contributed to him not playing for the best part of 2 months, that’s a different story.

Let’s just hope whoever gave the ok at the medical isn’t the same person who originally diagnosed Holden’s injury. :crossed_fingers:

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Is he going to be another Kenny Armstrong.


Don’t start me on that one mate, I still have a go at my best mate who’s a bluenose regarding that crock. Regarding rodders cannot believe we may have signed a Holden Mk2 , this is stand up comedy gold if true,

It’s just another example of this acceptance of failure the club has.

So in terms of rescuing this season, there is a substantial risk that the signing of Rodney could be a failure.

He could barely feature thanks to an ongoing injury problem, and that is deemed acceptable for the marquee January signing.

Pathetic. If you need someone to come in and give you a boost, the first question you ask is “are you fit?”



There is no hope for this club, absolutely no hope!

Jamie Fullarton leaving no stone unturned again. What a hero.


Even I cannot believe some of the things I read now…even if Rodney is a really good player for this level and signed for the long term benefit of the team if he is not fit to play then surely we should have brought someone else in on loan to give us cover.
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He hasn’t played for 2 months, I’m not expecting a fat lot

It just sums up the way I feel about the club. I don’t trust a word any of them say. Injuries, staff roles at the club, the youth and reserve teams, reasons for players leaving. There are large amount of smoke and mirrors being used now that things are seemingly going wrong. The apparent transparency of the early Pomlett era now seems anything but that.

Why leave it until the day before a game to say that he’s got an injury problem? Expectations are always high with new signings, but even more so when it’s Walsall and we sign a sign a striker for, God forbid, an actual fee. The timing is awful, why not just come out and say “We’ve signed Rodney and are looking forward to seeing him play, however we need to be a little patient whilst we manage an injury he has”.

I know patience isn’t something us football fans generally have, but it would have just given us brought the expectation level down a touch and not have everyone screaming from the rafters like they are now


2 months out is a long time for a niggly injury, very interesting that we’ve taken such a risk.