Matty Fryatt

Thought this was an interesting read with the talk of him coming back to us and not being able to get fit and now taking Forest to court over his injuries which is very rare you ever see that done.

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The termination of his career did seem to be a long drawn out process. But some injuries are like that.

He’s 34 now and has done very little in the last five years or so. Always frustrating for a player when a career peters out due to injury. Be interesting to see what happens, whether it goes to court or gets settled.

He retired at least a couple of years ago and has been working part-time within Walsall’s Academy structure since. The way Nottingham Forest managed his injury was awful. Good luck to him.

Well if it’s common knowledge then he has got a good chance of getting at least a payout.

He left Walsall a while ago now because his injury stopped him from holding training sessions a lot of the time. That’s what I read anyway, and then he is / was scouting part time for Cardiff?