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As nobody else has mentioned it yet - what are the thoughts on Joe Masi no longer being the Saddlers’ correspondent for the E&S?

Thought it was a nice touch by DC and the club to present him with a signed shirt after the Colchester game as it was his last one covering us.


Wasn’t aware of this but my senses something was up were raised when my Twitter feed this morning had him with an article on the Baggies.

Why did he get a demotion? :wink:


I will miss his podcasts and videos. It felt like he had a genuine affection for Walsall.


I only picked up on it after playing his last vlog (after Saturday’s game) on the E&S’s Walsall page.

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I’m a bit gutted. Loved his work for us.


Yes a good guy , and felt like he wanted us to do well really .

Used to ■■■■ me off with constantly touching his glasses though on every podcast :rofl:

Always enjoyed Joe’s tweets during the match…at times travelling back on a train on a Saturday it kept me very much informed on how Walsall were playing rather than just relying on BBC stats.

Anyway Liam Keen is the new guy covering Walsall. Haven’t yet followed him on twitter so don’t know how good his match reporting was on Saturday. Big shoes to fill.

No doubt a nice guy but for me when I found out he is a Ipswich Town supporter kind changed how I perceived him. So when I found out he was moving to WBA I shrugged my shoulders, /meh and unfollowed on twitter. I’d already forgotten about him till this topic was made. :slight_smile:

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He isn’t allowed to support another team?

Dale Moon did a superb job on the social media side when he was here and he’s a bluenose so not sure why it matters if you do your job.

I don’t think it matters who your a supporter of… If your following a team up and down the country to every game I’m sure you start to have an affilation and care about the the club and want to see them do well… Masi I’m sure will always be a saddler.


So, Joe Masi is an Ipswich Town supporter - I wondered where his accent came from. I won’t hold that against him as I believe he genuinely cares about the Saddlers. Good luck at the Bagladies, Joe.

More disappointed to see him go than any of the players who left in the Summer. He’s a genuine fan who wants the same things we do. He said a while ago on the podcast that if Walsall played Ipswich he’d want Walsall to win.

Not really bothered, just another hack who made 10 stories out 2 interviews. No big loss in the world of reporting, in my opinion :thinking:


So he’s now an ex-tractor fan?


So whats he supposed to do as a local sports reporter following one club? Certainly he was constrained by the club’s approach to media criticism. If you listen to his podcasts and watch his videos he is a genuine bloke who liked reporting on WFC.

Very easy to criticise.

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Social media has made it near on impossible for news reporters to break news and create stories.

Surprised the E&S are still going.

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Chill out, you make him sound like we’ve just transferred our star player, bloody hell he"s just a run of the mill newspaper hack, who will be replaced by an equally average " Joe " think there’s more important issues at the club at this present time? Just my opinion of course😳

Yeah I’m not sure what people are expecting of news reporters who are granted one interview a week and one on match days. He’s hardly going to be giving round the clock coverage.

But as you say he did a brilliant job on the podcast, much more opinion based rather than obviously having to toe the line between reporting and upsetting the club.

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Sad to see Joe go.
Comes across and a nice, genuine kinda guy. Felt he did well to tread the tightrope of keeping the club onside and voicing his frustrations about the club. Always followed his twitter feed on matchdays.

Best of luck Joe, and same goes for Liam. Definitely a few “characters” on twitter for him to get used to!! :laughing: