Meet the Chairman Evening

This Thursday!

Things are definitely changing, an owner of WFC attending a fans focus meeting.

Unbelievable Jeff


Pomlett will be joined by Chief Executive Officer Stefan Gamble, with the event taking place from 7-8pm in the Bonser Suite.

Note the slight change in job description for Gamble.

What’s a meet the chairman evening?


Already I like what I hear of him mentions ambition in his interview today which is immediately a step up from Bonser and his complete refusal to engage with fans and he’s willing to meet and speak to fans when has Bonser ever done that ? Good riddance

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I HAVE A FEELING WE ARE BEING CONNED. Bonser always said he would only sell to a friendly buyer, which appears to be happening. However, is it possible that Pomletts Chinese friends are funding the share purchase. Could they then, when the excitement dies down, buy the controlling stake in return for funding the freehold purchase. The Chinese are not interested in the club being successful or profitable. We buy their junk which falls apart in months and they reinvest our money in anything available. Ask Birmingham fans about their owners!

To be honest as long as the club is reunited with the freehold and shows some more ambition than it has in the last 12-13 years I couldn’t give a ■■■■ Bonser was never good for this football club.

The problem could be that they show zero ambition as far as football is concerned. They will be happy just to own the land and control us. They used to be Communists, but they are now the biggest capitalists in the world, but treat all their people very badly.

One of the few good things to come out of the EFL is this regulation:

Football League Regulation 105:

“Each Club shall publish the identities of the ultimate owner (person, not Entity) of each Significant Interest in the club (as that term is defined Rule 1.1 of Appendix 3). That information shall as a minimum be published on the club’s official website on a page accessible directly from the homepage of that Official Club Website.”

While at the moment it still shows JB as the ultimate owner, (it could be that the shares have not actually been transferred yet but that a contract has been signed) if at the end of a long line of shell companies the club were to be owned by a Chinese billionaire it would have to be shown there.

Can somebody ask Leigh Pomlett about the plans to ensure the club becomes the owner of its own stadium.

Leigh Pomlett replacing Bonser is nice but if the club keeps heamoarghing rental payments for the stadium to Bonser then nothing really changes.

Maybe we could abandon Bescot (a crap stadium) and build a new ground.


This isn’t a confirmation or real rumour - but I’m sure it’s being talked about… at least.

I think most likely thing is the ground being bought in instalments.

Pomlett is a businessman - buying the club with the rent millstone around his neck doesn’t make any sense if the plan isn’t to reunite the club and ground as quickly as possibly.

Or maybe but it at a reasonable and then sell it for profit very quickly to buy new land…

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Commercially it would be a bad decision to move from the Banks regarding EFL meetings, signages, u23 and Ladies internationals, wedding fares, buisness and corporate meetings (Im sure being next to the M6 and easy to get to is a huge influence)


The new stadium would be much nicer and bigger no?

If it’s at Aldridge then it’s not far from junction 10 and 11 right?

Aldridge is about 20 minutes from 11.

All the ‘venue’ revenue may go, but how much profit does that make, if its negligible…

We dont need it to be bigger :rofl:

Not sure if the away end can now be extended as originally planned or plans have expired.

Yes close but would have to be bloody huge signs to be seen from the motorway.

I hate the Banks but commercially makes no sense spending all the money to move, id rather see investment on the squad over a number of seasons

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Though I think we’ve always been handicapped by not being a town centre club, a move to Aldridge is interesting. High concentration of our support is in north Walsall, though isn’t Aldridge a bit of a Villa stronghold?

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I went to school in Aldridge and can safely say 6/10 are Vile.

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Getting ahead of ourselves. The official line is that we are buying the freehold, so all this talk of a move to Aldridge is pie in the sky.

Concentrate on extracting as much detail re this agreed purchase at the fans focus meeting. The critical info is where the money is coming from and what it is secured against/who is the guarantor, what the payments are, how long the payments are on going for and whether in the long term LP plans to use the asset as collateral for longer term investment in to the team etc.

We’ve had so many years of dour ambitionless ownership that it’s hard to imagine a different world.

In the short to medium term I expect LP to continue in a similar vein to JB, but in a more dynamic fashion, and we’ll certainly not be buying any semi pro farmers from the Cypriot leagues any more!


And the other 4/10 are hideous :smile:


I think the income from “other activities” which are directly linked to the location of the Banks’s are vital to the future of our club and as often has been said in the past far exceeds the rent payment.