Meet The Chairman

Why dont we all email the new supporters representative and request a meeting.
Perhaps the same guys who have met Bonser could now have a meeting with Pomlett and ask the questions that we are all seeking answers to.
We do seem to be in a crisis situation and it would be in the clubs interest to diffuse it.

We had a fans forum meeting a few weeks ago. All fans were welcome. Pomlett, Clarke, Gamble and Mole were all present.


Yes but things seem to have changed since that meeting.

Don’t panic, we should bring in 2/3 ‘quality’ additions before Friday…DC will admit he is getting it wrong and play the same team, in a 442, for the rest of the season…LP will promise to double our wage salary for next season, so we are competitive with Newport County.

The new SLO would welcome any feedback on anything to do with your concerns and pass your comments on don’t hesitate to contact him. [email protected]


■■■■■■■ hell, calm the ■■■■ down


Like what? We’ve lost a couple of games and signings haven’t been made? Nothing different to any other season.

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A win and 2 losses since the Fans Forum. Not sure we should be demanding to talk to the Chairman every other game.

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Well I must have misunderstood the feeling on here.
If all is well with Walsall Football Club , then of course there is no need to worry and a meeting is not required.

Unusual for you to start yet another topic - 36 new topics out of a total post count of 79! - and then actually bother to add anything beyond your opening post.
A very impressive all-comers record.
Keeps me entertained anyway amidst the current gloom and doom. :clap:

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Nice of you to say.

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Although last nights game ■■■■■■ me off . I think It was more to do with that I as I’m sure many supporters were deflated before the game due to Clarke’s comments about we are million miles away from a signing and not being able to compete and feeling really frustrated with the club we love before a ball had been kicked.And then seeing the mighty Morcambe turn us over


You haven’t misjudged it, some are fed up, some are disillusioned but we can’t demand to speak to the chairman every five minutes.


I’ll see if I can have a quick word with Pomlett on Saturday, although I’m not too hopeful as the poor bugger is usually being buttonholed by WM Alan.

Was’nt suggesting we demanded a meeting. This chairman seems to be very approachable and just thought we could use the new supporters liaison representative to request a meeting.
But if the feeling is this is not required then I accept the position.

I am sure he will see you and others if a request for a meeting is made.Email the SLO and see what happens.

Shhh it doesn’t fit with their agenda.

Its not a huge surprise to me that the budget isnt great i have had that feeling all season and now Clarke seems to be confirming that with his recent comments why though? that is what is winding fans up and that is what they want to know and its bugger all to do with the rent thats something that many clubs have to deal with but not in the same circumstances as us i know that.

That we’ve lost two games?

Last week people were talking about the play offs, now the last few days it’s like the club is about to fold. Yeah we were crap last night, but good god. I’ve seen it all now.

We’ve gone from Boycotts to emergency meetings with the owner. Complete overreaction by alot of people.

Get a grip.


I agree with what you are saying but I don’t think it’s just that a lot of this comes from Clarke’s comments about the Budget and not being able to afford decent players that’s what is getting people’s backs up.