Meet the Manager: News From Tuesday Evening's Event

Here is our update from Tuesday evening’s Meet the Manager event…

Not much new ground covered. Dean is looking to add three or four players before the opening game of the season.

The gaffer remains keen to reunite the town with its football club, may turn out to be a bit more difficult than he once assumed.

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Thank you for this @BescotBanter

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How I, and I know many others also, would love to see him succeed, his goal at Swindon will always live long in the memory.
How great it would be to see a team to be proud of, to drag us out of the mode of also-rans that has dragged down our beloved Walsall F.C. over the past few years.
Second round of a cup competition would also be a nice touch this Season?

A couple of phrases come to mind, see if you can rearrange them to see what bonzo and cronies have done yet again, eyes wool over again pulled, answers on a postcard please.

I imagine that our younger fans won’t know what a postcard is :grinning:

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Luckily, they don’t know what UTS is, either!