Meeting Minutes (WFC & WSFC) - 27.02.19


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Thanks Simon/Rob

Reading the section regarding Bonser, there is no mention of whether he is willing to sell the freehold, only the club. Am I correct in assuming then that he will sell the stadium at market value and the shares of THE FOOTBALL CLUB to someone that would clear the loans, and then the new owner would take over the lease and pay Bonser, sorry Suffolk Life the rent?


Well the ball is rolling…we can now look back on this thread in a years time and hopefully see some progress from our starting position.


See…Bonser does talk to the fans sometimes…hopefully he will feel confident enough to speak to WSFC


This was the result of last season’s disgruntlement. Saigon (Matt) was one of the attendees. It all fizzled out to nowt resulting in the latest unrest.

Best bit for me from those minutes:

JB hopes that thirty years from now we have a club in the Premier League, but mainly there is still a Walsall Football Club.



There probably will still be, but we will be floundering in The Evostick North League or whatever it may be called thirty years from now.
I think that the strength of following for all the giants (or would be giants) around us will be just too much of a pull. Little old Walsall to survive in their current state will be untenable.
Thankfully I will no longer be around to witness such torture.


I’ve always been under the impression that whoever buys the club could buy both the shares and the freehold, but if they don’t want to buy the freehold then they would have to pay the going rate into the Suffolk Life account, or relocate to a new stadium?


I would be pretty sure that the Leasehold would be worded such that if the club were to move elsewhere the rent payments would continue anyway up until the end of the lease.


Some small wins then…Cat A + B abolished next season (even though I thought I read it might come back if Sunderland stay down).

Anyway “like” how the club hinted it may come back in future seasons e.g. people whinge about player budget being lower so hence increase in ticket prices!

Amazed they haven’t been into the local schools before? Better late than never but come on there’s loads of potential fans there particularly if the parents follow football there. Same for the local Uni hub a mile away from Bescot.

Constant bang into a brick wall regarding Bonser but only so much anyone can do with the current impasse.


On a personal note, I’d like to point out that in the relation to SG’s opening questions regarding a ‘constitution’ the club had been sent a professionally prepared PDF proir to the meeting that underlined the key mission of the campaign, as has been displayed on the WSFC website for more than a month now.

Though this was a formal introduction, the club didn’t go into this meeting blind as Rob and I made sure to provide them with clear information of our intentions before hand.


Just another comment to highlight his distain for us fans - deliberately trying to wind us up…


I’m under the belief they have been involved with local schools but this is a new scheme to really engage with local schools to try and really build a feeling of a link between the club and schools in the borough.


Yeah it’s good that the players have been to the local schools for the week . This should be done at least every couple months .


it worked today almost 5000 there with no away following of note needs to be a more regular thing to get kids hooked.


Thanks Simon. It was obviously necessary at a first Meeting to go through the niceties with them so understood.
They obviously were not going to admit that fan pressure from such as us has brought about changes to ST pricing and options and such like rather than having made changes under their own steam years ago.
The two of them are operating on inappropriate budgets managing such a disparate business as stipulated from the Chairman so sometimes the sticking plaster approach that they do isn’t surprising really. Until that changes we will continue to see things struggle.
Getting the message to the external media that the Club is for sale in principle is a task we need to progress wherever we can.
Thanks to Rob and team.


Totally agree with this , Mr Bonser says it’s for sale but is not actively looking for a buyer :thinking:

Well i think we should be helping that along , and getting this advertised as much as possible because he certainly will not


Trouble is R&W,in any transaction you need a buyer and a seller,with JB not looking to sell and nobody looking to buy,I can’t see much happening any time soon.


Maybe if people were made more aware the club was for sale is the point i was trying to get across @SidSwifty , then perhaps someone would show some interest , after all there does seem to be the odd club sold here and there now and again


If only there was some large hoarding near the ground that we could advertise the fact on!


That’s a fantastic idea. I know where there is one. How much does it cost I wonder?
Perhaps we can mention that to SG.