Meeting request following requests from fanbase

Good questions there Andy :+1:


This is the first step and gives the club three choices:

  1. Arrange open meeting
  2. Decline/ignore request
  3. Agree to a closed meeting

If it 2 or 3, then we need to get organised and arrange a sustained and effective protest.

For a protest to be successful it needs to have:…
• clear objectives
• a charismatic leader/spokesperson
• relationship with media, stakeholders, etc…
• engagement/communication with fans

If said protest is not organised, not sustained, not engaging then i genuinely fear that we will go down next season, as I fully expect attendances and early birds to be at an all time low.

I for one will only be giving support to ISSA, I’m not giving those clowns anymore of my dickie dosh.


I can’t help but think the relationship between Fans and club is a big driver behind our lack of activity.

Great Post!!
Just a shame that there are some ridiculous comments on here.
The alternative is that it’s liable to get nasty and I cannot see Pomlett and Co wanting to figure out how to get out of the ground or James Pomlett calling daddy up to help remove the group of dicruntled supporters that have gathered outside Poms in Lichfield.

Although I personally think gathering in sleepy Lichfield outside the Poms cafe will be very effective

Think its more Pombear has no money and wants to do everything on the cheap furthering his investment. His defence/distraction for this is bullshit about the freehold and covid.

I also genuinely believe Pombear and Fullofshit would love Taylor to walk and are actively pressing for it so why give him too much? Taylor walks new bloke comes in they give him a bit to use on the free transfer market, bobs your uncle.

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You could be right, the fact we made a profit last year and received the Rico money this year tells me there’s money in the pot.

I have no idea what games being played, but I’m shocked that Taylor is going along for the ride.

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Any protest needs to be professional, law abiding, coherent, sustained and reasonable.

If it is then it has a chance of succeeding, if it isn’t it will fail like all our protests since the 80’s.

I applaud ISSA for trying to get the club to front up, but I expect the time would be better spent organising a protest group meeting.

I’ve gone past being fed up.


I agree. Don’t see the point in a meeting. It’s gone beyond that.


what is your definition of success?

I think direct action is needed, we have heard several times from the club and nothing changes, those involved will already have a resource of excuses for this shambles of a season, and will refer to when asked any questions

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agreed, a list of season ticket holders who will not be renewing next season as a result of lies and bullshit about giving it a good go and an unelected SLO would be far more constructive. if you could get 500 names on it would make them shart their pants and not leave them any doubt this is not just “noise”


I agree Wiltshiresaddler, but it also needs to make them sit up and listen.
The location in Lichfield is a public highway so as long as its peaceful and law abbiding there would be no issue.
I wouldn’t condone anything otherwise

Well said mattycooper

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This is the board of directors:
Board of Directors: Leigh Pomlett (Chairman), Richard Tisdale, Roy Whalley, Nigel Bond, Peter Gilman, Stefan Gamble, Daniel Mole, Jamie Fullarton, Graham Whittaker.
Pomletts son has no connection with the club.
How would you feel if people turned up at your house protesting about one of your relatives?


Good work @DHforever and some good questions from Andy.

If you are indeed afforded the opportunity to meet, could I also add the following;

  1. please define this new identity we were promised that supporters could connect with?
  2. do the board members think we are exciting to watch & play with attacking purpose & tempo?
  3. why can’t we defend set pieces or crosses into our box better?
  4. why aren’t our coaching staff positively effecting the game from the dugout?
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He has 50 shares so is a share holder, but yes is not a director, even though he sits in thd directors box.

To be honest the contempt they are showing the supporters are don’t think anyone would have any sympathy at all.
The relationship between the supporters and the club is as bad as I can remember in my 40 years of following Walsall and our club is in serious danger of going into non league.
So if all those happy clappers out there are happy to sit on their backsides doing nothing but watch this inept bunch running our club, led by Pomlett take us out of the league then they cannot grumble at the out come.

Somehow we have to turn all our dissatisfaction into direct action something we just don’t seem to be able to sort out.

No one can do it on there own.

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You’re just asking if they think MT is useless.

Well I can clear that minor point quite quickly, yes he is totally useless.

Not entirely.
I’m asking football related questions, to the guy responsible for the football side of the operation, ie, the DOF.

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