Meeting with the Club


Take Mulder and Scully. Might help work out what’s really going on!


I think the Fraud squad should be involved as someone is trying to use this as a front for a football club …:rofl:


I’ll check if they’re happy for me to reveal their identity now and I’ll post it if so.


One word.M****s

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I’m sure you meant that comment in jest, as we can’t have serious allegations being bandied around without proof.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh but of cause


Excellent. For example, signing an unknown Cypriot for a record fee does not raise red flags. Neither does using him in a limited manner because he’s one for the future. And selling him back to a second rate Cypriot team for a very large sum, in context, of course, certainly doesn’t stink. Naturally, all of this has nothing to do with our owner having connections with Cyprus. That’s all coincidental.

Please use more appropriate sarcasm for future insinuations. Refer above example. Jeff is squeaky clean and suggesting otherwise is a matter of carefully choosing your words.


Yes, maybe Jeff was missing football and chose to take in some top Cypriot D1 action.
A youngster caught his eye and he rediscovered his sense of purpose.
All perfectly plausible and innocent, your honour.


Dennis Skinner MP: “Half the Tories opposite are crooks”

Speaker: “Please retract”

Dennis Skinner MP: “Okay, half the Tories opposite aren’t crooks”



The two people attending the meeting with me are Darren Young and Dean Neville (@deanonev69)


Good luck to you all - give em hell lads


Best wishes guys, give em hell and more hell👍


Take plenty of sandwiches,let em know you mean business…:stuffed_flatbread::hamburger::grinning:


Lashings of Mustard will really show how hard you are and not to be messed with :yum::yum:


and some raw chillis.


I know we have a little bit of a laugh and joke about nearly every subject we as fans bring up on here but this one really doesn’t want joking about we need to show them were not treating this as abit of a laugh and we mean business this time


Agreed and good luck.


It is vital that we distance this official stance from any rabble that may be swollen aritificially for the Bradford game. These facts will be intrinsically linked from the club’s view and they will be unlikely to make such an offer again if it turns ugly. We need to demonstrate structured professionalism to avoid putting ourselves on the same level as the club.


The meeting should at least be interesting, and WSFC will be discussed and introduced too at some point there. After this meeting, we can really crack on and look at effective ways of protest and how we gain more exposure across different channels. I know things seem a bit slow at the moment, but I can promise we will get a bit more traction soon.


Just crack on mate, i ain’t bothered if it takes months, as long as it leads to bonzo either out or getting him to be a football club chairman instead of a parasitic leech, in fact scratch that i want him gone :wink: