Meeting with the Club


A CEO treading water gives an article about treading water to tread water.
I wonder why the meeting is required?


I think anything slightly ‘revelatory’ will be in Thursday’s E&S. I presume this is meant to be a ‘taster’ to get people to buy Thursday’s edition.


Note for SG (and board) - If staying in L1 is so important to you, why do you run and manage the club like you do?

No leadership
No communication
No creativity
No respect for the supporters

Wanted to get that off my chest! :roll_eyes:


“We want to be in League One with the aim of pushing on and at some stage achieving Championship football.”

■■■■ off you idiot. I want to be a millionaire rock star banging supermodels every day. Doesn’t mean I’m doing anything to achieve it, neither are you.


reaching the championship these days requires investment Stefan.


Staying in L1 these days requires investment too


Staying in league one , and doing just exactly that is all the chairman wants , and requires to keep skimming off the top year in year out .

I think the perfect scenario for the chairman is to lose in the play off’s , that would be his most profitable outcome each season .

But he must put enough money in ( instead of taking out ) to make this even affordable




I’m desperately trying to learn the guitar …:crazy_face:


Just checked and there’s nothing on the website. Are Rob and the boys ok? They havn’t been bumped off along with the Sun reporter or anything?


They were all last seen boarding a plane for Cyprus wearing ■■■■ the fans “T” shirts :joy:


We are all alive. Give me an hour or so and I’ll post what I can at this point.

Meeting was very productive, minutes will be released too when both sides have agreed them. Some ‘quick wins’ potentially sorted already.


Interesting stuff - Looking fwd to the update Rob


Excellent work gents.