Just came across this on YouTube:

Liverpool 2 Walsall 2
Jimmy Hill, John Motson and the boys in blue. (Shirts were available from ISSA - now sold out.)


What a night that was. I thought Mini was the best player on the pitch. Great support. When will we next have something like that?

Sammy Lee played more times for England than Howard Kendall, Colin Harvey, Paul Davis and Alan Hudson all added together. I remember Larry Canning pointing out after that game that all of WFCs midfielders played better football than Sammy Lee.


One of the best nights of my life. I saw every match in that cup run, with the exception of the second round second leg match at Barnsley. If Buckley had not slotted in a late penalty to reduce the arrears in the first round opening leg at Blackpool to make it 2-1 we probably would have made an early exit. As it was it set up some hugely memorable nights at Highbury, Milmoor and then Anfield.

I can’t watch those highlights without a tear in my eye. In fact, when Summerfield equalised I think I may well have cried with delight, wedged up in the corner terracing as I was. I always remember as an 18 year old hugging a senior Saddler when that went in - his face was a picture!

There were some brilliant nights in that decade, but that is probably the best of the lot. The fact we played ( minus an injured Souness) - and matched - pretty much a full strength Liverpool team in their own back yard that went on to win both League and European Cup is a source of great pride that as a Saddler I will never, ever forget.

Dalglish an Lawrenson too. Souness made a big difference in the second leg. Still not to be sniffed at though. If’ we had drawn Everton or Villa you feel we would have got to Wembley, Liverpool were ever so slightly just to good in the end.

If you watch this and the highlights of the game at Highbury when we outplayed Arsenal on their own turf, you pinch yourself we were just a Div 3 team that season. Fantastic memories.


I have the full Arsenal game on DVD somewhere (copied from VHS) We did take Arsenal apart, should have been a much more comfortable victory. Ally Brown missed several guilt edged chances.

That particular shirt has not been released yet. There are plans for it to be though, as well as the red home kit.

I am privileged enough to have been at both the Arsenal AND Liverpool games, i feel for anyone who started to support us in the early 90’s because they really did miss the best years ever, maybe that is why young fans now don’t have the same expectations as us old uns, because we knew what we were capable off back in the day, and what we are capable of now.


That night at The Arse, we really did outplay them. The standard of football we played was amazing.
Barnsley, Shrewsbury, Arsenal were all from a division (or two) higher than us.
So many great memories from that Cup run.


Kept the chanting simple too. Just the “Earwig” song. :wink:


I think you definitely have a point where cup competitions are concerned. I think a lot of the younger fans, the Bescot era, don’t really get the Cups. For those of us who remember ManUre, Newcastle, Leicester, 83-84, and beating Coventry and (if I remember properly) being within a minute or two of beating Chelsea, the Cups were magical. It’s those games that kept us going through all the bad days, and they were the games that often dragged lapsed Saddlers back into the fold.

You know that t-shirt “I might be old but at least I saw all the good bands” - well, maybe there should be one “I might be old but at least I saw proper Cup Ties”. :laughing:


HerewegoHerewego… No Wednesbury Rd etc…
Absolutely magical night.
Odd the things that you remember… Having Dylan’s ‘Sad eyed lady of the lowlands’ on very very loud as I drove under the humber bridge around midnight.

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The second leg is here, walls and all

TY Blazing

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It wasn’t a replay :wink:

Love both of those kits, although the Walsall shorts look al ittle tight on Caswell there !

90s/early 00s had some decent cup runs and two fantastic promotion seasons. And Merson. :rofl:

Not too bad. Now if you started following in early 2008 it’s been pretty bleak apart from a decent 18 months under Smith.

Hopefully this season will be decent and kickstart things although will see hardly any of it live so simply won’t be as memorable even if promotion is secured.

Just come across ?
How long you had a pc…lol.


It was posted five days ago.

I don’t have a pc. Dreadful things.

I have a different version of the game on my Betamax.

I hope we win that one :smile:


I cut and spliced the tape - and they didn’t score.

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I was 7 then thats when i started watching us so i had about 6 years of fellows park and some good times before the darkness of the late 80s early 90s.

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