just seen the 2nd leg of the Liverpool at fellows park on youtube how many chances did we have to beat them 3 or 4 very good chances

The chances Rees missed he would bury any other day, as seen at Rotherham in the quarter final. Big pressure I guess.

I spent most of that game on my arse after downing a bottle of cointreau on the coach, after earlier being traumatised having a difficult wisdom tooth out :grin:

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and the misses ally brown got

the 1thing i can remember and i can still c it now when sourness didnt like a chanage from mini and picked him up by the scuff of top if that was now he would have been sent off

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I think Souness was the difference in the second leg. He was a dirty bugger without doubt but one of the best midfielders of his generation and a winner (by any means) You are right he wouldn’t get away with half of it in todays game, he made Liverpool tick though.

Mini Preece was a fine footballer, so glad I got to see him play for Walsall, always stood out no matter who the opposition were.


Mini was a smashing lad, i have said before i knew his girlfriend at the time, her mom used to have a knicker stall in the indoor market in brownhills, she used to ring me up and i would drop everything and go and pick them both up from poxon rd in walsall wood, take mini to the bookies then to training, where i would stay and watch while fetching the ball back after a few wayward shots, mostly from kenny mower, aaaaa the good old walsall council days :grin:

I adored mini preece, one of my fave players and would be in my all time Walsall XI but my memories of him are slightly soured because he told me to pi$$ off when I asked for an autograph as a teenager.

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