Mental Health Awareness Week

I urge you all to watch the video on the link above - it’s 10 mins long.

Wolves and local rapper Reepa involved. Best video I’ve seen for a long time.

Mental Health Awareness Week is next week, and the video is centred around these issues.

We have a UTS Wellbeing Thread in SOT, that anyone is welcome to join.

Put it here for max visibility @simon


Huge respect to both Wolves and Reepa, I felt myself getting a bit emotional watching this. Awareness is so important just asking if someone is ok and something I have been doing a lot more of on a personal level


I had tears in my eyes about halfway though @Lukeyboy - amazing video that is.


The power of kindness should never be underestimated.

Men often seen ‘courage’ in acting strong, but real courage can be found in encouragement, regardless of age, gender, etc. :heart:

Very moving that.

So telling that standing in one spot for an hour or two drew so many stories and people who were struggling.

The odds are that there will be people reading this board, this thread or this post who are struggling.

As Reepa says, there are support networks and agencies and we also have us. Never underestimate the power of us. I’ve never met anyone off here who wouldn’t hold out a hand or an ear if needed. Use the mental health thread or use DM’s

You’re not alone.

Take care.

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