Mentality of the team

Despite what happened in the 94th minute overall a good performance against a very good team at this level. Very similar to Sunderland in how the game went.

Same also happened v Posh who may be overrated but they won 4-0 away to Accrington today.

What the hell is wrong with them when they play likes of Bradford and Bristol Rovers? It’s no good pinching draws against the better teams at this level as ultimately three points against the teams fighting relegation is only thing that gets you anywhere in League one.

Any theories? I do remember it used to be similar under Dean Smith for a few seasons and then he cracked it in 15/16.

We ‘pinched’ a draw from the clutches of victory.

2 points dropped.

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O.k probably the wrong word but still these excellent performances against the top teams still only mean draws at the end of it all.

If this level of concentration and quality was put in v Bristol Rovers that would’ve been a comfortable win so just pretty frustrating to me.

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The only explanation i can give is attitude? they come out against the lesser teams thinking they have already won it, and don’t need to put the effort in, and with the better teams they know they have to give 110%, the only way for deano to crack it, is to tell them that EVERY team we play are the best we are going to face and we will have to put every effort into beating them.


Don’t think it’s just the player’s raising their game against the better team’s … ( but feel sure this is one of the reason’s ) but it’s their inconsistency , which let’s face it if was better they would’nt even be playing for us …

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