Middlesbrough U-21 (EFL Trophy) Tue 9 Oct, 7pm


To put it into context, by turning up and winning two games, we’ve effectively recouped the outlay on Ferrier, turning him into a free transfer.

Cracking business.


40k minus the cost of policing the away following.




I’d have said it means nothing if we lost, and it means nothing still.


Can I ask why it was a 7pm kick off?
I can’t imagine that helped the attendance much.


10k for a reserve game win. Cor moan at that really.


Wonder which pocket Bonser will shove this into…

I agree to a certain extent regards the money, however lets not include this in the programme as a first team fixture and regard it as reserve football! It embarrassing.

I think this competition is finished no matter what format it is in now. Should we get to the final it wouldn’t interest me in the slightest. When Stevenage play a reserve side it tells you everything you need to know…


Only 610 could be bothered to turn up for the other game in our group - Port Fail v Burton.
With 67 Burton fans making the trip


Listened to the commentary on BBC Smog FM. The commentator and summariser (Neil Maddison), were absolutely unstinting with their praise of how we played, shape, pace, set-pieces, etc. Was really good to hear opposition people talking about us like that no matter what the competition.


Good to hear that…and as you say it doesn’t matter about the competition.



Cracking goal from Cook!


Excellent goal from Mr Cook.



Well Look North covered last night’s match. Midlands Today?


I went to last nights game mainly to see the back up players we have at our disposal and was pleased by what I saw…but this competition is done now and although we got to the final a few years ago and took 30.000 fans .If we were to get to the final again I think we would struggle to get 5.000 at Wembley such is the demise of this Mickey Mouse cup.


I think you are under estimating the power of every midland fans second club syndrome :wink:


I know what yr saying but when we went a few years ago there was a lot of people from Walsall who have no real interest in the club just that that it was our first time as a town at Wembley


Wow what a strike from Cooke hope than spurs him on. UTS


Wembley has lost all it’s glister to me.Every Tom ■■■■ and Grimsby has played there numerous times.


Oh no …the nickname police have struck…d i c k?