Middlesbrough U-21 (EFL Trophy) Tue 9 Oct, 7pm


Wembley for the FA cup or play off final defiantly.but I don’t think I would go for this cup now it’s on its last legs


If this IS the end for this failing cup comp, what do posters think would help to revive it?


Wembley is yet another thing ruined by the people running the game now.What used to be the home of football is now a multi-purpose venue (though not like it was supposed to be when they took lottery money on that basis and then just ignored the conditions of it being given) designed specifically to maximise retail revenue with no links or even a nod to it’s history with over prioritisation on corp sales to people that don’t even turn up for their seats if a rugby world cup game happens to be on in Paris and stay in the bar for a lot of the second half of games, now made not special by playing semi-final games etc there to help pay for the enevitable overspend of a major project of national interest awarded to London when the location is crap for most fans unless you happen to be one of those corp clients.

Other than that is o.k I suppose.


How about a 12 point headstart in the new league season for the winner .now that would be great


Interesting question because you have to start with what’s if for then you can measure whether it’s a success. It used to be to give lower division clubs an opportunity to win a cup competition and have that sort of day out. Now the primary thought is giving young players at larger clubs competitive game time. By that measure the change has been a success. I believe the spin was supposed to be bigger clubs in the competition would attract people to the games. Just shows people running the game understand nothing about lower league fans, they think we’re all obsessed with the premiership.

Would have to give it some thought but it has to mean something to the fans, not sure how you do that now particularly now they’ve devalued appearing at Wembley. Of course the first appearance there is a bit different as someone else said not sure you’d get the same response this time round.


Yes, a severe case of the Scunthorpe problem.
Even the famous Salisbury door ■■■■ is subject to censorship - although a collection of door knobs is apparently fine.
Isn’t technology great?


We know. It materially affects site income, and flawed as it is in operation, any extra cash that comes in helps pay the running costs.


Would seem Port Fails win tonight means we have qualified for the knock-out stages. I for one am overcome with excitement.


I for one am not :smirk: yet anyway :laughing:


I for one am not … and I won’t be no matter how far we go in the competition.


Possibly the most exciting development since when I was torn between choosing between pink grapefruit juice and ordinary grapefruit juice. Heady days!