Millennium Stadium

Given the sad state of affairs at the Bescot, I needed a football pick me up, so took the family for a guided tour of the Millennium Stadium. Well worth it, but this was the clear highlight…


I think I was there.
Vague memories of stopping in a grotty B+B from Friday to Monday and being on the lash with Blackpool fans on the Friday night whilst England played Mexico.
£500 shorter on the Monday morning.

£500? That’s one expensive B&B! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting how we managed a bigger crowd than Sjoke and Brentford, although 40k were probably Reading.

33k Reading.

The Millenium experience loads better than Wembley and not only because we won - though that obviously helps.

At the Millenium it felt like we were the away team but with a huge following. 15,000 Walsall fans is probably a tipping point too. Any more and we really are in the realms of “who’s our number nine again?” territory. Wembley was flat by comparison.


I’ve heard stories of Walsall “fans” cheering the team in red.


I played in a charity match at the Millennium stadium last year in an empty stadium. Amazing experience to use the same dressing room as the Saddlers and walk down the tunnel and to try and imagine what it was like for the players on that day. I made sure I scored a goal in the warm up in the end where all the play off final goals were scored - not quite a Byfield from outside the box, more a 12 yard scuff into the bottom corner! We lost 8-3.


I was definitely there & at both games too! Went to Pride Park with my W*%$£s supporting mate on the balmy Friday night & can clearly remember the Paul Scholes thunderbastard from 30-odd yards. Was a great England performance. Then drove my mum & dad to Cardiff on the Sunday morning, managing to get lost over the hills on the way, but making it to the park & ride with time to spare. Was such an emotional match, much more so than Wembley.
Oh for a footy weekend like that again…

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