Missed out on Jarvis!

Jarvis played his first game for Woking in the National League yesterday and scored in a 2-0 win - surely we would have been able to match whatever he is on there?!?!?!?

We cannot afford to carry sick notes, him and Guthrie would be a nightmare.


He’s playing for Woking, because he’s not fit enough to play league football.


Plays the same side as McDonald, and I’d rather he was getting game time than Jarvis. Can’t imagine we were ever in for him so not really a question of matching what Woking were offering.

I wonder why some players don’t seem to want to hang their boots up when it comes to the end of their careers? and some seem to think they would never demean themselves to play for a lower league club no matter what the pay packet? i was surprised when gabby just fell off the face of the earth after finishing with Villa, and you got players like Merson and Steve Daley who came to us and still did a good job.

He lives down south,so maybe he just wanted a southern club,even if it meant playing non league.

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When you think his last game was this time last year and he’s only been picked up by a non league team in last week he wouldn’t have been much use this season.

Good player in his day but seems another good on paper experienced player who didn’t work out, been unlucky with that in last few seasons with him, Guthrie and Russ Martin.

Seems other teams sign these types and they are fired to promotion.

Absolutely class on his debut in the first half.

Then he was pretty average when fit if we are honest.

Class player back in his day but There’s a reason he’s at Woking. He’s also probably getting decent money for a non league player

After the other season? You want him back?

Hes another gutherie, has quality but deffo passed his prime and the wages he requires would be silly for how many games he would be fit for…

Let him enjoy his last few terms down there in his own area and enjoy it before he retires…

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Some characters on this forum never cease to amaze me. He’s at that level for a very good reason.

I argued tooth and nail on here at the time saying we only signed crocks, kids, and past its - most of whom go on to never be seen again - when other posters were trying to suggest signing him was indicative of the manager being backed.

Looking at him reminds me of how bad life was as a struggling league one side, lets hope we are building from the ground up again now.


The bloke is a multi millionaire, so for a guess he’s just playing to give himself a purpose in life.

For that he deserves respect.

So is Matt SAddler?

Means nothing…

At a guess, Matt Saddler hasn’t earned a fraction of what Jarvis has in their respective careers.

It wasnt in terms of football earned income

Saddler has numerous business’s which are thriving

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Ah, had no idea to be fair.

I know he has a sideline but that doesn’t make him a multi millionaire does it.

To all of us on the outside whose unrealised lifelong dream has been to be a professional footballer (don’t deny it - we’ve all fantasised about being a star player and scoring the winning goal for club or country) the choices of our “heroes” who get paid to play for a living might seem a bit strange - but then we all think we’d be doing it regardless of fame and fortune but to many of them it is a job just like any other (well paid but you have to put the hours and hard graft in).

I imagine it all depends on the individual player. Some will want to keep playing as long as possible just for the love of it (even if it’s only the local pub team - like many of us mere mortals think we would be). Others that play on might need the money and it’s the only job they know to earn it. Then there will be those to whom it has become a chore and they never want to kick another ball - or maybe have already earned enough (over their relatively short career) to never have to.

What would you do yourself?

I know what i would do, i have been quite a good 5 a side goalkeeper, and even at the age of 58 i am still being asked and even argued over to play, up until september last year where i tore the tendon in my right arm playing for my nephews team,and it still hasn’t healed, i know it’s not a fantastic level of football, but it’s still nice to hear compliments from kids a quarter of your age, so i do understand.

I’ve never worked Saturdays (except me paper round ) or nights. and I ain’t gonna start now.

Is there a reason you are better in the smaller goals Chunk :wink: