Mission accomplished. Now for the mini bus

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Lucky ticket draw

We set out with a goal of raising £5000. In order to skin the walls of the newly refurbished bescot bar with vinyl artwork paying homage to some true ex legends of the club from both our fellows park days. And the bescot years , whilst Also helping out our beloved club financially

As of 5 pm today not only did we reach our target we have. Surpassed it and our total thus far stands at a whopping £5100

We are letting it run untill 10 am tomorrow morning, Monday
8th June, as we are getting people who , still wish to purchase a ticket. In order to have there names added to the roll of honour that will feature everyone who has contributed to this amazing feat , and will be proudly on display. In the bar itself

I will be contacting Walsall football club tomorrow in order to do a bank transfer of final . totals. Over to the club

We will in conjunction with walsall football club be running polls on various social media sites , in order for you the fans to cast your votes on who you wish to see. Join The players already chosen by Issa , which are. Stan Bennett. And alan Buckley , from our fellows park years, And Jimmy walker and Jorge letaio from the bescot years,the remaining ones shall be chosen by you the fans

I will be liaising with Dan mole tomorrow and we are hopeful a senior person from within club will conduct the draw for us,to reveal the winner of the lucky ticket draw ,details of when draw will take place will be revealed tomorrow, once everything is sorted

Now this initiative is done and dusted it. Gives us great pleasure to inform fans that the independent saddlers supporters association,
Are working on another major project which will hopefully see us provide the club with if everything comes to fruition with a mini bus

The said mini bus will be wrapped in the clubs crest alongside that of the Issa association, and we will sponsor it for the sole use of the club, ,and we are sure it will be a fantastic asset for the club to have at there disposal , especially for use by our youth team to get to fixtures and training ground etc, We are already talking with commercial, partners. About this, but if there are any local firms or individual fans wanting to come on board with this Initiative
Please pm me for details

Another example of Issa aiming big and trying to help our club the best we can. And we will continue to come up with new and fresh ideas, as to how as a fan group we can. Help our beloved club

Just a few people to thank now for the help I have received during this appeal

My fellow Issa Committee members who have put up with my constant badgering for two weeks lol.
( Couldn’t do it without them )

My Mrs Jane who’s worked like a Trojan the last two weeks documenting and arranging everything

Issa historian Dave. Evans for his help in pushing this on social media everyday of the appeal

Ex players and Issa ambassadors. Chris marsh and Trevor Christie, they played a massive part in this being the success it was

Liam Murphy And another fan who wished to remain anonymous , but knows who he is. For there terrific bids on the auction shirts

Steve tommo Thompson. Dan and sue. For there continued support yet again

The Walsall FC. Disabled supporters association for there financial donation,

The guys involved with the Uts site for there support and promotion of this initiative

And last but in no way least you the fans who yet again. Backed Issa to the hilt. And made this yet another massive sucsess
We REALY could not achieve anything without your continued support, I’ve said it many times but it’s an absolute honour to be involved with. What without doubt is the best. Fanbase. In the country, smal, in numbers maybe but huge in heart and always willing to step up to the plate to help the best. Team in the world
Walsall FC will never. Struggle not whilst it has fans like yourselves behind it, and everyone involved with Issa. Sincerely thanks you
For the part you have all played yet again

So with this one more or less done n dusted its onwards and upwards NOW LETS GET THIS MINI BUS SORTED

So for one last time I make the request anyone still wanting to play a part and purchase a ticket before they go off sale head over to the Issa online shop and purchase yours using the link below


Fair play, great effort.,well done to all involved.

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