Mitch Candlin

Looks like Mitch Candlin has joined Nuneaton on loan for one month. Good move for him.


15th in tier 7.

Let’s see how he does there. We had much higher hopes for Mitch, didn’t we?

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We sure did. 12 months ago he was on loan at Blackburn. How weird was that? :roll_eyes:

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Barely played for Blackburn.

O.k move…would’ve really liked to have seen him go somewhere like Solihull (they’ve just signed up Alex Nicholls).

Certainly will look a good quiz question in a few years time…which striker was at Blackburn, Walsall and Nuneaton within 12 months and hardly played a game for any of them!

Very little between Solihull and Walsall mate, he wouldn’t get a sniff there I’m affraid.

How times have changed lol

the link has been edited no mention of candlin he was definitely
named in it yesterday.

That’s strange, like you say, definitely on there yesterday and made reference to the fact he played against them in the friendly this summer.

Must have had their wrists slapped for announcing it before we did. It now reads a unnamed league striker is also nearing a loan move.

unless theres been a change i know stourbridge wanted him.

I wonder who it is ? :face_with_monocle::joy:

Now confirmed on the OS - but only for 28 days??? Some sort of sale or return arrangement? :thinking:

Pretty sure non league clubs can only loan players for that amount of time at once.

Do you think we have had to contribute the ÂŁ20 towards his wages :joy::joy:

Scored for Nuneaton tonight.


That’s more good news.

He scored again for Nuneaton yesterday.


Found his level then

That’s quality negativity right there.

True though ?