Mitch Candlin

May be so, but how about saying ‘great to see him banging a couple in straight away after next to no game time for ages’?


The kid goes out on loan and scores two in two games is it? What more do you want him to do for Christ’s sake?


Couldn’t agree more , football is full of players who have had to take a few steps backwards before they fly. It normally comes down to how much they want it.
Not saying Mitch will go on to superstardom , hope he does, but in the meantime give the lad a chance !


Maybe. Or he could be another Geddes.

If he was 22-23 I would be unimpressed, but at 19, this could be a great move for his future career.

Or another Troy Deeney.

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Going to watch him on Saturday, heard he’s standing out in that division so far (which you’d hope he would). Poorly mismanaged for the past 2 seasons imo


is this the same level as Rushall etc?

Same league yeah.

Interestingly, Hednesford are top and Rushall are 2nd!


l wonder if there’s a recall clause?

There’s a possibility that for the Salford game Gordon will be our only available forward, with Gaffney unable to play against his parent club and Adebayo & Lavery potentially injured.

Understand what your saying but could do more harm than good for the young lad having started off well at Nuneaton.

Not a bad level to be scoring goals at people forget hes still only 19 if he does well there could do him the world of good.


It’s only a very short loan anyway.

He will in and around the squad by the end of the season I reckon. He might have stuttered a bit career wise but at 19 there’s a long way to go, Nuneaton isn’t a bad level to be unlocking goals in at.

He looks like he’s been in the Gym also

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Probably just been eating pies in Blackburn.

I’ve only seen him come on as a sub in a couple of games, but I think Candlin, or the fans perspective of him anyway, has suffered from being brought into the first team picture too soon. I think it was Bradford away in 16-17 when he and Hayles-Docherty were first in a matchday squad so he must have only been about 16 then.

If we’d brought him into the first team picture last season at 18 like a lot of youngsters coming through (like Paterson, Taundry, Bowerman etc) , and he’d gone out on loan start of this people would be thinking we’ve got a decent young player scoring goals a few leagues lower, but because he seems to have been around for years and not done much a lot will think he’s useless.

Looking back you’d maybe blame Whitney for bringing him in too soon maybe, but if he needed a substitute striker for a game and only had a youth player due to injuries/suspensions I guess he didnt have much of a choice.

Hope he carries on doing well there and comes back and gets a chance.


Haven’t gone today, he got injured yesterday in training I believe

I’ve heard a potential ligament injury :slightly_frowning_face:

He’s now gone back out on loan 'till the end of the season.
This time to Alvechurch.
Somehow I don’t think he’ll be offered a new deal at the end of this season.


I hope things work out for him, but they are fighting relegation, so not an easy time to go there.