Morgan Ferrier


Where was he today? Is he off?



According to clarke he gave candlin & ferrier day off so he could run the rule over the trialist



He won’t be here much longer.



Obviously he hasn’t changed his ways from last year then



Good to hear. Clearly acting the ■■■■ last season when we needed players to roll up their sleeves and perform.

Liking DC’s approach.



Really hope we go for the Peterborough striker stevens has a replacement for ferrier.



Great let’s lose another potential 10-15 goal striker and replace him with some virgin. Yay.



What cloud do you live on? Ferrier couldn’t hit 10/15 goals in his entire career…if he could be bothered that is.
Needs a rocket up his **** to break into a sweat.

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He scored six goals in league 1 last season being played out of a position with a manager that didn’t believe in him.

In League 2 he would easily get 10-15 goals…replacing him with McAlinden or Nicholls is just suicidal.



You don’t think he could get at least 10?! He could get at least that in League One nevermind League Two! Just needs to be managed right. Not saying we should have a team of players who need to be managed right in order to perform but when we are replacing most of our squad and already lost our top scorer, I’d keep him and try to work on him.



Not happy about this he could be a player for us in league 2 no confidence at all that he will be replaced correctly either.

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The last of the bad apples get rid.



what About Dobbo is he off aswell ??



Last season he started great. It’s easy to say Leahy bust up caused his downfall but he was great the next week at Oxford.

Has to be remembered he stepped up two divisions last season, league 2 is much closer in quality to non league so I reckon with run of starts he’ll be alright. That’s if DC decides he’s one to rely on which Keates and also M O’C decided he wasn’t.



Big mistake if we lose him

Has a genuine hunger and passion and is still very raw, evidently talented

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No point in keeping players if they are not interested. He might well get 10/15 goals. Then again he might be a pain in the arse again all season and cause trouble. If he don’t want to be here then get rid.



It’s very clear the lad causes a 50/50 split between us all, some thinking he will be a great loss, whilst the others thinking we should get rid.
Come on then lad, prove all the doubters wrong, or perhaps he’s already on his way elsewhere? (where he would without doubt score 10/15 in a season, probably one or two against us, just like Cook will do!)



Of last seasons relegated squad he was one I definitely didn’t want to see again.
Let’s face it, he’s only here because he got a 2-year deal.
He’s fallen out of favour with Keates, O’Connor & now seemingly Clarke, so there’s obviously a problem.

I’m still certain that he deliberately gave a penalty away against Pompey during Keates’ reign and let’s not forget the ‘liking of DKs sacking on social media’ by Ferrier.

If he’s going, I for one won’t be shedding a tear!



Ferrier could undoubtedly do a job in this division there is no disputing that fact
Unfourtanstley he his his own worst enemy, and was and still is the main disruptive influenvpce at club,
just as he was at all his previous ones, seems he is incapable of change
Well known fact despite what came out in press about him wanting to stay at Walsall last year, they where desperate to ship him out and He flatly refused the move
People say cook was the bad apple. They don’t know how wrong they are , ferrier and lehay where the real culprits



Everywhere he’s been he’s caused trouble I remember reading about him arguing with jimmy floyd hasslebank when he tried to advise him, get rid of him he’s a big headed ■■■■ who thinks he’s better than he is.