Morris off to Tranmere?


Isn’t he out of contract end of season? Surely Tranmere can afford to pay a small fee with money they made from the Spurs cup game?

Anyway echo most. Just didn’t kick on and realistically had no future here even before Mommy’s outburst.


It’s a loan deal apparently.


Well it is but he only has 6 months left on his deal so effectively he’d have played his last game for Walsall.


Potential counts for nothing until it’s realised. Sorry, but it’s hard to find a position, where he could play. But why? Too long story. He needs to start again somewhere, I hope he can still have a good career on the pitch.


It’s a real pity that things didn’t quite work out for him here. He looks like a D4 player if ever there was one, a dangerous customer on his day, but those days aren’t quite often enough for this level.

Still he has 5 goals this season and that puts him high up in our top scorers, which tells its own story. For me it’s a very similar scenario to Alex Nicholls a few years ago: lots of promise, some injury, didn’t work out, but went on to have a good career lower down the pyramid.

He really needs a new start and I hope he can do a job for Tranmere as they were good enough to provide us with Cook.


I’m hearing from a really good source that the funds for this are to be reinvested into cotton wool to wrap around every player…

Until we lose anyway when they’ll all be unwrapped and told their Walsall careers are under threat in the press.


Even if he was standing by his mom? :rofl:




I’m pleased for him. Fresh start. Hope he can push on from there. Lovely lad who deserves a decent chance somewhere.


I can add, in a way, that famous letter looked like farewell. Even the loan move looks like transfer. Without or with small fee.


The letter could well have been a parting shot. He ( and his Mommy) might have known his days were well and truly numbered if DK had given him some honest feedback. Hope,and think he will, do well there though.


Always thought he’d have been better off playing on the left and getting to the bye line and putting in crosses. Instead he prefered the right and to cut in.


Shame. There’d be much better headlines if he’d gone to Oxford…


Think we will make a signing tommorrow now. Can’t see Leahy going until the summer now tho


Ok maybe not then :joy:


There is a good player in there if he is used in a role that plays to his strengths rather than one which exposes his weaknesses.Successive managers have a lot to answer for as they have tried to shoehorn into a formation that has not helped him.However Kieron himself needs to learn that when you are asked to do a job you give it a hundred percent.
Good luck Kieron I hope it works out well for you.


They’d probably have had a fiesta to celebrate .Sky news are saying Charlie Austin can leave Southampton. Do you think Cambridge will be interested?


Still - he is becoming a bit of a traveller isn’t he…
I’ll get me coat.


Minor problem


He’s not a one club man.