Morris off to Tranmere?


Ital all end in tears with this thread disintegration :joy:


He’s had loads of chances, never been consistent and now the time is right to move on.

Can’t keep every player forever, especially when they’ve not progressed at all.


Shame. Was breath of fresh air when he broke into the team at the end of 2014-15. Played with a fearlessness and drive that was sorely needed in Smith’s slow-paced, sideways passing team.

Seemed to lose that as he got older and seemed to actively get worse under Whitney.

He was a better player for us back then then he is now. Maybe he’ll find his game again in new surroundings.


Tranmere fan again here, hi everyone. What can we expect from Kieron? What are his strengths? Can he beat a man?

I see hes played a few fair games for you last 3 seasons but looks to be out of favour this season? That insight is from his Wikipedia page…



Unfortunately he runs cold more than he does hot.

However if the manager gets him playing to his full potential , then you will have a match winner especially at League level.

Very good signing for you guys I reckon.


Cheers Mazza.

To be fair at this stage of the season I don’t expect us to attract worldie signings, but Kieron sounds decent. I think dropping down to League Two may be good for him. Probably his level like some have said on this thread, which is fine with me. Lets hope he does well for us!


Can we have Norwood now please ?


As a winger has an eye for goal rather than a cross. Hits the ball hard, but often high, wide and handsome. He’s never played in League Two but had a good spell in the Conference for Wrexham and has had good spells with us. Even this season, at one point, I think he was the only player who’d scored in midweek fixtures for us. If it’s kept simple with him, and the manager puts his arm around his shoulder, he could be an asset. One or even two, good games out of three.


Cheers WarrenDrack, good info there bud.

Gavin77, if you have a spare 250k you can have him now? If not he will go for free at the end of the season, if he fails to agree a new deal, which obviously is unlikely. Our owner Mark Palios has insisted Norwood’s contract will run down instead of him being sold. He would rather he stayed, scored another 10-15 goals (hes on 20 so far) and help us finish as far up as possible. Maybe even making a late run for the Play Offs. The cash we made against Spurs at home is probably being stored to see how it all pans out with Mr Norwood…


I wouldn’t be shocked if he rips League 2 apart.

It just wasn’t working for him at Walsall.


Watched alot of TRFC games in the Aldridge Era, Morris reminds me a bit of Andy Parkinson. Can be direct and effective at times when he is allowed to play in that style. Hope you get the best out of him, and think you will as this is his shopwindow move. Maybe an update after his first outing for you guys?


Yeah no worries Vulcan, I wont be at Port Vale Saturday but our home games against Northampton and Stevenage I will pass updates on. Hoping he hits the ground running. As for ‘Parky’ he started off great for us and for a while it looked like we would sell him on for a good fee, but he lost his way abit and he ended up leaving for Sheff Utd on a free. Didn’t last long there though!


Substitute Morris for Parky and Tranmere for Sheff utd and you see where my comments come from. Hope he proves us all wrong and storms league 2. Good club for him to go to. Good luck for rest of season.


Our owner would have kittens at the thought of spending that on a player so thats a no go for us.Morris is decent enough in fact i prefer him to Zeli Ismail who has been picked ahead of him a lot this season.wish him and Tranmere good luck for the rest of the season.


Cheers fellas, all the best to yourselves for the rest of the reason. Hope Cookie keeps banging them in and Norwood does of course!


Maybe not on a proven goal scorer , especially when he broke our transfer fee paid for a player Makris .

no one had heard of him


It’s the hope that kills you! If we were to get Norwood, Cook and Ferrier, it would be 3 of the 4 strikers from the play off final. Something of an upgrade on Baka, Shaibu and the virtually static Ngoy who had talent to burn but the heart of a tinman. The Wimbledon capitulation of last season still hurts: while Taylor showed his class, Roberts showed his inexperience (after Fitzwater’s injury) and the ref was not great, the greatest injustice was the lack of runs from our front two to relieve the pressure that day. Signing Norwood would renew my faith in WFC which has been sorely tested in recent times…


And thats exactly why i think we shouldn’t rule out Bonsers tactics again , the signing that may just give him some respite


Ask yourself why he did that though? dodgy as anything the whole Makris thing for me.


Just hope he is a first team regular for you else you will have his mom to deal with !!!