Morris off to Tranmere?


Im afraid Morris had a debut to forget Tuesday night. He seemed to be hiding himself over on the right wing. Just didn’t get into the game and the few touches he had just seemed to pass it back into the middle of the pitch. He was subbed round 70 mins and his replacement Jonny Smith, on loan from Bristol City did more (nearly scoring) in his first minute than Morris had managed in 70. Saying that though, most of the starting 11 were poor and conditions were awful, so I haven’t judged him yet. Still early days. Norwood scored again for number 21 and hasn’t left us in the window, thank god.



Sounds familiar !


That’s a pity on both counts Morris didn’t play well for you , and secondly we didn’t sign Norwood off you


He’ll have a few more games like that and then, out of the blue, will have a cracking game and score a belter from 20 yards. Just as you think he’s turned a corner he’ll have another 10 anonymous games.


Looks like he needs a career change.


You best hope his mom doesn’t read this :smile:


Much better from Kieron today. Started really bright and had a long range low (after cutting inside) drive saved well by the Stevenage keeper. His goal was a back post header, well taken. Right in the corner.

Used the width well and light years better than his performance/debut Tuesday.

Subbed late on and got a good ovation. From previous posts on here though, was that his 1 in 5 good game? :smile: Lets hope he kicks on from this now as we need to make a late attack for the Play Offs. Oh and Norwood scored again :slight_smile:


Another good display from Mr Morris last night. Pretty much getting an assist with a cut inside and long range shot, resulting in Norwood putting the ball in afterwards. Great finish from Norwood for his 2nd of the night aswell, that’s 24 for the season now.

Just encase any of you wanted to see Kierons moment!


Cheers buddy, i don’t mean this in a condescending way but i think Morris has found his level, we only ever got a performance like that about every 5-6 games if we were lucky.


Yeah, from what ive seen of him so far he does look very either hot or cold. Looks the type of lad that hides if things aren’t going well or after a mistake is made. Certainly has ability though when hes in the mood. We have plenty of new lads Morris included, and looks they are gelling pretty fast with 7 points from the last 9 available. Hows it going for you lads? Just noticed you are only two points above the drop zone? Hopefully Cookie bags a few more soon!


If Morris has found his level then ideal for next season then!


Let’s put it this way, at the moment i don’t think it will be long before we are playing each other :rofl:


Doesn’t sound promising for you guys then. Stay positive though, theres currently 6 sides worse off than yourselves. It does look really tight down there though. We still have a chance of the Play Offs, and with the new lads looking good already theres always a chance. Mellon has shipped out plenty of the non league lads and brought in some real football league quality. Pleased with how its looking now after a sticky spell. Personally I don’t think we would win the Play Offs, but it would still be great progress in our first year back up and something to build on for next season. However with the best striker in the league in Norwood, theres always a decent chance. He was brilliant in non league for us but this season hes been different class again. Just shows how many gems there are down there in the 5th tier. League football suits his game more without having 6 foot 5 non league yard dog defenders trying to bite him for 90 mins. Abit like Cook really, who was also brilliant for us down there and deserved his football league chance!


after reading that, At this moment in time i would swap Deano for Micky Mellon, because Deano has done the opposite of bringing in some league quality.


Micky Mellon is a smart man. Four promotions already and still young for a manager. Its not always pretty but he plays to the strengths of the players hes got and it works. We had a great start, mostly with the non league lads with Norwood leading the way. Then when it got tougher, hes been ruthless and said buy to quite a few players (5-6) in January and added the same amount, including Pringle from Preston on loan whos been outstanding so far. Very good footballer. McNulty (the fat one) has dropped out of our team lately, with some reports that hes retired early. Mellon used him perfectly though, played to his strengths and along with Cook and Norwood, McNulty was our most important player the previous two seasons. Huge as a man but Mellon played to his strengths and built the team around him. With Keates though, at Wrexham his side were always dull. Tried to win the majority of games 1-0 and defend to the death. I recall him putting in a cheeky bid for Cook start of last season too, which was hilarious. We would never sell a player like that to Wrexham, a rival club. Keates generally built his Wrexham side with grafters though, they never really had any skilful players. Just a side full of yard dogs. Does that sound familiar? Or does he play differently at Walsall?


He’s basically just signed anyone. Most with little to no ability at all.

Cook looks like Pele compared to some of them.


Sounds abit like us between 2013-15 resulting in back to back relegations into non league. Plenty of players brought in without any real thought and to many loans. Although we have 5-6 loans at the moment but they are all either excellent quality or decent. Nothing like our League Two relegation squad of 2014-15. We actually compete this time round.

Whats your run in of games like? Do you have hope or are you playing mostly the top sides?


Tranmere is one of the first teams I think of when I think of what next 3-4 years has in store and tbh I’m dreading it.

Similar sized clubs like you, Chesterfield,Oldham, Crewe, Leyton Orient, Notts County etc. Spent years in league one, usually in mid table, one year where it all clicks and you go very close to promotion (12/13 for you guys when somehow you didn’t even finish in the play offs) and then after a near miss gradual decline which results in going out of league 1 the wrong way.

It’s difficult to put the brakes on then and before you know it you’re in the abyss as a few of those listed above are with Notts County likely to join them in two months.

Problem for me in this is always these things are always so preventable. Let’s say Peter Johnson had sold your club in 2012 to Palios or someone else you could’ve rebuilt quickly and at the worst just been relegated to league 2 and quickly bounced back.

I’m sure you eventually found non league fun but too many seasons for me to bottom out when you could’ve been rising 5 years ago. Same will probably happen at this club.

Oh for the late 90s again when Walsall and Tranmere were meeting in division 1. Way football has gone in 20 years it feels like 1899 when that match took place.


Just on Morris, there have been quite a few folk bemoaning his lack of consistency. I must say that this characteristic would definitely single him out if he were still with us because since he left we have been really consistent.


Too true at least inconsistency would suggest you have some good moments or games.For some of our remaining players that would be one hell of an improvement.